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Enrollment QuickList

Fastest Path to Enroll @ TTU Today!

If you are admitted, and you're ready to enroll ...
... or if your classes were dropped for any reason...
... or if you just want to be ready for Advance Registration,
if you are ready to get fixed up NOW, then these 8 quick steps are for you. masked rider and horse in motion on sunny saturday

Quick Enrollment Checklist for Current Students

  1. Do a Quick Enrollment Checkup by clicking on "Prepare for Registration" to review Holds, Permits, and Time Tickets.  Here's a 30-second video tutorial to show you how to do that: 30-Seconds-to-Prepare.  Then you'll start off at RaiderLink.TTU.edu.  
  2. Schedule Appointments with (or Send a Message to) your assigned Academic Advisor via Strive.TTU.edu.
  3. Review your DegreeWorks Plan.
  4. Click "Reports ... Details" to see old Advising Appointment Notes.
  5. Build (thousands of) Possible Schedules FAST.
  6. Register NOW.
  7. Use "Send a Message" to update your academic advisor.
  8. Pay Now OR Arrange your PayPlan.

BONUS#1!:  Get Involved on Campus.

BONUS#2!:  Take Your Degree to the Next Level.

Need Other Help?  Not Sure Where to Go? Ask Us!  

  1. Visit RaiderRegHelp online or in-person.
  2. Check the Campus Resource Guide.
  3. Send us an email at success@ttu.edu or call 806-744-SPRG(7774).

If your plans have changed, please give us the update ...

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