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Appointment Options

Face-to-Face appointments are held at the UWC on the 3rd floor of Weeks Hall (Monday-Friday), the Library Room 132 (Tuesday and Sunday), or at one of our other satellite locations in the Architectural Library, or the Engineering Opportunities Center (in Holden Hall) (see the schedule for days and times of satellite locations). You can sit down with one of our consultants and brainstorm ideas about an assignment or go over a draft of your paper.

Synchronous online appointments use video conferencing and an online whiteboard where you and a consultant can interact with each other and the text in real time. Ideally, you will have access to a computer with a camera, microphone, speakers, and Chrome (other browsers can work, but Chrome is best for the platform).

Asynchronous online appointments enable you to upload the assignment prompt, a draft of your paper, and questions or concerns you'd like a consultant to address. A writing consultant will review your paper and provide written and video feedback answering your specific questions.

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