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Writing consultations can help you get started or make progress on a writing project. During a consultation our consultants will talk with you about your writing, read writing out loud with you, provide feedback toward revision, and help you set writing goals. While we can certainly point out grammar and sentence-level issues, and teach you how to recognize and revise them, we do not edit or proofread papers.  
Here are some of our frequently asked questions about working one-to-one with a consultant: 
What kinds of consultations are offered? 
Face-to-Face appointments are held at the GWC on the 3rd floor of Weeks Hall (Monday-Friday). You can sit down with one of our consultants and brainstorm ideas about an assignment or go over a draft of your paper.  
Synchronous online appointments use video conferencing and an online whiteboard where you and a consultant can interact with each other and the text in real time. Ideally, you will have access to a computer with a camera, microphone, speakers, and Chrome (other browsers can work, but Chrome is best for the platform). 
Asynchronous online appointments (Written Feedback) enable you to upload the assignment prompt, a draft of your paper, and questions or concerns you'd like a consultant to address. A writing consultant will review your paper and provide written and video feedback answering your specific questions. 
How long are consultation appointments? 
All consultations are 50 minutes, and you can meet with a consultant up to 3 times per week.  
Who are the GWC consultants? 
Our consultants come from a variety of disciplines. All are either working on or have a masters or doctoral degree. Even if a consultant is not from your discipline, they are highly trained to provide support on organization, clarity, and focus. To learn more about specific consultants, see our Meet the Staff page or read more in our online scheduler. 
How much of my writing can I get through in one appointment?  
It really depends on the conversation and where you are in your writing. If you have a longer document, such as a publication or dissertation/thesis chapter, it will take multiple appointments to thoroughly provide the feedback needed.  
What do I need to bring to the consultation?  
Bring your laptop or two hard copies of what you are working on. Always bring your writing assignment prompt if you have one. If you do not have a laptop, you can bring your writing on a thumb drive or look it up on one of our computers. Please be prepared to talk about your work and ask questions. 
How do I log on to the online consultation?  
To access our online consultations, log back into the scheduling website and click on your appointment (in yellow). Click on the red “Start or Join Online Consultation” button in the appointment form. If you have trouble logging into your consultation, call us at 806.742.2476 ext. 1 for help. 
How do I make an appointment? 

Visit uwc.ttu.edu and click on Graduate Writing Center. From there, click the “Schedule an Appointment” button. If this is your first time using the Writing Center, you will need to create a profile. Once you are in the schedule, click on the day and time you would like to have an appointment. The white boxes indicate available appointments; the light blue boxes are appointments scheduled by other students, and dark blue boxes indicate when a consultant is not available. If you are having trouble with the system, call 806.742.2476 ext. 1 for help. 
Appointments are 50 minutes long. You can choose face-to-face (the default option) or online. You can schedule one (1) appointment a day and up to three (3) a week. There are a limited number of appointments available each day. These are first scheduled, first served. Walk-ins are available as space allows. 
What if I can no longer come to the appointment? Can I cancel it?  
Yes! Appointments must be cancelled at least 30 minutes in advance to avoid being marked as a late cancelation. After three late cancellations or two missed appointments your account will be locked. To cancel an appointment, log into the schedule, click on the appointment, scroll down and click "Cancel Appointment." 
Can a consultant help me with my comprehensive/qualifying exams? 
The GWC can provide feedback on comprehensive exams, qualifying exams, and coursework final exams with the permission of the instructor. The student can upload the instructor's permission email when they schedule the appointment, or their instructor can email the Graduate Writing Center at gradwritingcenter@ttu.edu. 
Can a consultant help find articles for me?  
A consultant can help you read and understand academic articles necessary for your research. While they can help you with minor questions regarding the research process, we strongly recommend that you visit a librarian for instruction on how to best utilize the databases. 
Can a consultant help format my thesis/dissertation? 
GWC consultants can help with the language in your Table of Contents, titles, and figures/tables; however, we are not the authority on formatting. Please contact Allison Belisle (dissertation) or Andrea Cooper (thesis) in the Graduate School at at etd.gradschool@ttu.edu for questions about thesis/dissertation formatting requirements. 
Does the GWC help with plagiarism checkers? 
The GWC does not house nor endorse the use of plagiarism checkers. However, our consultants can certainly read and understand reports from iThenticate, Grammarly, and other sites that highlight areas of your writing that could include plagiarized material.  
I need help understanding how to paraphrase. Can a consultant help me?  
Paraphrasing is one of the most important tenets of academic writing. Consultants can certainly work with you on paraphrasing practice. You can also join the GWC at 2pm on Fridays for Weekly Writing Therapy, where writers will practice paraphrasing, as well as other practices necessary to the writing process, such as reading academic articles, writing literature reviews, and how to prepare before you start drafting. 
I do not have a full draft of my paper. Can I still see a consultant? 
You do not need to bring a full draft to your consultation. In fact, you can visit us to talk about how to address your writing prompt or research questions before you even begin writing. The earlier you start visiting us, the sooner you can start establishing healthy writing habits. 
Are consultations just for “bad writers?”   
We get this question a lot. The GWC is for graduate students who desire an added layer of accountability. Academics and industry professionals all have someone provide feedback on their writing multiple times before it's published, and many award-winning students and scholars have utilized writing center services to support their writing process. So, no, the writing center is not for “bad writers.” You would not be in graduate school if you were a “bad writer.” It's for writers who value their time, their learning, and their mental health. Make an appointment today! 



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