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Writing Workshops

Fall 2023 Workshops

Summary (40 minutes)

How do you condense a text that is several pages long without losing too much important information? In this workshop, we will go over tips on how to summarize effectively and will break down a sample summary.

Date and Time: Monday, September 11, 3-3:40 PM

Location: Weeks Hall, Third Floor

Registration: To register for the in-person summary workshop, click here.


Synthesis (40 minutes)

What is synthesis? How is it different than summary? What strategies can I use to help me synthesize information? In this workshop we will answer these questions and practice synthesizing information. 

Date and Time: Wednesday, September 20, 2-2:40 PM

Location: Weeks Hall, Third Floor

Registration:To register for the in-person synthesis workshop, click here.


Using Formal Language in Academic Writing (40 minutes)

Have professors told you not to use “I” or “you” in your writing, but you are unsure how to word your ideas differently? Have you been told to use “third person,” but you don't know what that means? In this workshop, we will discuss when it is appropriate to use “I,” “you,” or the third person “he, she, it” and when it is not. Also, we will practice using formal language that is appropriate for an academic audience.  

Date and Time: Tuesday, October 10, 2-2:40 PM

Location: Weeks Hall, Third Floor

Registration: To register for the in-person formal language workshop, click here.


Rhetorical Analysis (40 minutes)

Writers intentionally and unintentionally draw on a set of techniques formally known as rhetorical devices to persuade or communicate with an audience. In this workshop, we'll talk about some of those techniques and why authors use them. We will also discuss and practice identifying and analyzing them.  

Date and Time: Wednesday, October 18, 1-1:40 PM

Location: Weeks Hall, Third Floor

Registration:  To register for the in-person rhetorical analysis workshop, click here.


“Hey! That's my idea.”—Avoiding Plagiarism (40 minutes)

Do you have questions about how to avoid plagiarism? In this workshop we will cover tips on how to avoid plagiarism, including self-plagiarism, in your writing. You need internal citations even if you do not have quotation marks in your paper. Come and learn why! 

Date and Time: Monday, November 6, 4-4:40 PM

Location: Weeks Hall, Third Floor

Registration: To register for the in-person avoiding plagiarism workshop, click here.


Gilman Scholarship Workshops

Prepare for the Gilman Scholarship application process! The workshops assist Gilman-eligible students in understanding the requirements of the scholarship and how to be successful when applying. A representative of the Financial Aid Office has experience serving on the Gilman Awards Committee, so you can get first-hand tips on what to do and what not to do.

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