Texas Tech University

Collaborative Scheduling



Section Inventory (formerly ASFR) will reach out to the Associate Deans of the centralized/collaborative areas and listen to their departmental goals while providing information on how the collaborative process will aid their college in reaching higher utilization and maintaining maximum efficiency. The academic requirements will be honored first, however, the building occupants and faculty preferences will also be examined and honored, when feasible.

The Collaborative Banner User Role

Under Collaborative Scheduling, academic areas work together with Section Inventory to enter or amend section data in Banner and schedule room assignments in Ad Astra.

Banner access for collaborative users allow flexibility for essential section specific data amendments and enrollment management, while restricting the ability to build new sections. New section build(s) need to be communicated with your Collaborative Unit Coordinator in Section Inventory within the Registrar's Office. This role will also help increase accuracy, while helping to eliminate potential section build errors commonly found for state reporting, student billing, and student records.

How to Gain Access to this role

  1. You must first complete the pre-requisites for scheduler training.  The following can be found on SumTotal under Office of the Registrar
    1. FERPA Online Training
    2. Record Management Access for Beginners
    3. Collaborative Banner User Role
    4. Banner Supplemental Forms
**Once completed an automated email will be sent to Section Inventory and access will be granted**