Texas Tech University

Executive Board

President - Dee Nguyen

President Elect - Stacy Stockard Caliva

Secretary - Heather Coats

Treasurer -  Ryan Bain

Parliamentarian - Jon Crider

Faculty Representative

Clerical/Secretarial EEO - Julia Wagner

Clerical/Secretarial EEO Alternate - Justin Hughes

Other Professionals EEO - Taylor Love

Other Professionals EEO Alternate - Morgan Brannon

Services/Maintenance EEO - Heather Coats

Skilled Crafts EEO - Lloyd Biles

Tech & Paraprofessional EEO - Sean Scully

Bylaws & Constitution Committee Co-Chairs - Liz Lindsey and Amy Peterman

Communications/Public Relations Committee Co-Chairs - Morgan Brannon and Jake Quintanilla

Diversity Co-Chairs - Sandra Addo and Taylor Fidler

Election Committee Co-Chairs - MaryEllen Baeza and James Kemp

Grievance Committee Co-Chairs - Nina Ham and Sarah Cody

Issues Committee Co-Chairs - Jesus Vega and L.J. Gould

Nominations Committee Co-Chairs - David Cannon and Rebecca Maloney

OP Review Co-Chairs - Lacey Raschke and Peggy Jones

Scholarships & Awards Committee Co-Chairs- Chris Mosher and Jon Crider

Technology Committee Co-Chairs - Justin Hughes and Lisa Lively

Staff Emergency Fund Committee Co-Chairs - Emily Everette and Kristina McCravey

TTU Staff Senate

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    Box 45040, Texas Tech University, 2500 Broadway, Lubbock, TX 79409
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