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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Where can I find current campus maps?

Q: Where can I find information about workplace violence prevention?
A: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/quality

Q: Do you have to be a full time employee for the entire time you have been employed at Texas Tech to be on the Staff Senate?
A: No Way! But you do have to meet the minimum eligibility requirements as stated in Article I, Section A of our Bylaws, which states "A Texas Tech University employee interested in serving as a staff senator must be employed in a benefits eligible full-time or part-time position for at least one year of continuous uninterrupted service at the time of nominations."

Q: What is 742-MAPP?
A: University Parking Services offers a service called Motorist Assist Program or MAPP for short. They will assist motorists with issues like dead batteries, flat tires, being out of gas, and keys locked in the car.

Q: Why do staff have to pay for parking?
A: The State doesn't provide any funding for parking infrastructure. University Parking Services is a totally self funded auxiliary unit. On campus, parking permits and citation revenue, typically pays for new construction of parking and the maintenance after the fact. Additionally, parking fees pay for basic operations, debt service, security, and maintenance.

Q: Can TTU staff participate in the University Parking Car Clinics?
A: Yes. The Car Clinics are for the entire TTU community. For a list of services, locations, and dates, check out the Free Car Clinic Website.

Q: Where is the TTU employee tuition benefit program described?
A: OP 70.29 Employee Tuition Assistance Program

Q: I am currently enrolled to take 3 hours during Summer I and 3 hours during Summer II. Will tuition be covered for each summer term?
A: “The Employee Tuition Assistance Program waives tuition and mandatory fees for three semester credit hours of a permitted course taken by an eligible employee during any fall, spring, or summer term. Summer term includes all parts of term occurring between May and August. For example, if an eligible employee takes a permitted course at TTU in Summer I and a permitted course at TTU in Summer II, only three semester credit hours of tuition and mandatory fees will be waived since both of the permitted courses fall within the summer term. There is no limit on the number of terms.”

Q: I am currently enrolled in one program but am considering switching to another. Will courses no longer be covered if I switch?
A: There is nothing in the policy regarding changing your degree plan.