Texas Tech University

Application Process

Due to the sensitive nature of law enforcement, all applicants will undergo the process outlined below. 

1.      Submit an application through www.depts.ttu.edu/hr/workattexastech

2.      Once an application is submitted, the hiring personnel at the Texas Tech Police Department will review your application and send three documents to your e-mail you listed in your application. Please check your spam and junk e-mail if you do not see it within a week after applying. If it is not there, please contact Lieutenant Chris Patterson or Captain Ivey at ttpd.policecareers@ttu.edu to check the status of your application.

3.      The Texas Tech Police Department shall conduct a thorough investigation due to the sensitivity of information contained in law enforcement.

4.      One of the three documents is a letter informing you about the position you applied for, salary of the position, instructions to complete the paperwork, and a return date to the police department.

5.      The second document is an authorization to release information, which allows us to conduct a background check. This document must be notarized; the Texas Tech Police Department has notaries available.

6.      The last document is a Personal History Statement (PHS) which must list work history, references, residences, questions, and other information about your history. This can be a lengthy document depending on the position you have applied for. The PHS MUST be completed as the instructions read and if they are not, it could lead to being disqualified.

7.      Other items which will be asked for are birth certificate, high school/college transcripts, DD214, marriage/divorce paperwork, copy of driver license/insurance, credit report, and other documents listed in the Personal History Statement.

8.      Once the documents are completed, you will turn them in for review.

9.      The packet will be given to a background investigator, who will go through and review the packet.

10.  If you pass the background process, you will be contacted and proceed to the interview.

11.  If you pass the interview, you will meet with the Chief of Police or Assistant Chief of Police who will make the final recommendation.

12.  If the Chief gives a recommendation, you will be given a conditional offer letter with a starting date. The conditional offer is contingent upon the passing of a psychological examination (peace officers and communications operators only), medical examination, and drug screening.

Texas Tech Police Department