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Guards are a part of the core function at Texas Tech and Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.  TheyGuard Patch have no police arrest authority, but are able to report suspicious activity to officers.  They patrol all campuses at Lubbock and respond to assist the community where an officer may not be needed.  

Required Qualifications:

Proficiency in written and mathematical process as may be reflected by the completion of the tenth grade plus one year of security, customer service, public relation or related experience.  


Send questions to ttpd.policecareers@ttu.edu about the positions and salaries with the Texas Tech Police Department or contact Captain Amy Ivey or Lieutenant Chris Patterson at 806-742-3931.


  • Holiday: State holidays assigned yearly (example: 15 given for fiscal year)
  • Vacation: 8 -21 hours per month depending on length of service
  • Sick: 8 hours per month
  • Teacher Retirement System of Texas - (Required)
  • Health Benefits: BCBS Texas (Paid by State for employee)
  • $1,200 Annual Clothing Allowance
  • Educational Tuition Assistance Program: TTU exempts employees from tuition and fees for one course per term up to a maximum of four semester credit hours (SCH) during any fall, spring, or summer term
  • Educational Incentive Pay (Degree earned after employment) $1,000 Bachelor/Master and $500 Associate Degree

Field Training Program

The Field Training Program is a 6-week process for Health Sciences Center (HSC) Guards and a 4-week process for Texas Tech (TT) Academic Guards.  HSC Guards will spend a minimum 2 weeks on each shift. Once released, a Guard will be placed on a shift. 

Longevity Pay

Eligible employees are paid $20 per month for every two years of lifetime service credit and receive an increase for each additional two years of service, up to and including 42 years of service in accordance with the Texas Government Code, Section 659.044.

Overtime / Off Duty:

After being released from training, Guards have the opportunity to work sporting events, concerts, and other overtime events at Texas Tech.  

Promotional Opportunities

There is one Senior Guard for each shift at HSC and one for Texas Tech Academic Guards. 

Ready to Apply?

Before filling out any forms, you must apply for a position at http://www.texastech.edu/careers/

The forms below will be sent to an applicant once the department has received the application.  Both forms below must be filled out entirely. Do not leave anything blank and follow the instructions completely.

Authorization to Release Information

Personal History Statement- Civillian\Guard


Texas Tech Police Department