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All students, faculty, staff, and visitors are encouraged to promptly report all crimes and public safety related incidents to the Texas Tech Police Department or applicable law enforcement agency in a timely manner.  Doing so ensures prompt and efficient response to
incidents of crime and helps to preserve important evidence needed to ensure a successful investigation and prosecution of offenders.

Reporting Emergencies or crimes in-progress:

  • From a cell phone or campus landline dial 9-1-1 (emergencies only)
  • Press the call button on any Texas Tech Blue Light Emergency Phones (Easily identifiable and strategically placed at various points around the campus.)

Using any one of the listed methods will connect a person to an emergency dispatcher who is capable of directing Police, Fire or EMS responders to an appropriate location.

Reporting Non-emergencies:

  • Texas Tech Police Department:  806.742.3931
  • Dean of Students: 806.742.2984
  • Texas Tech University Office of Student Conduct: 806-742.1714

In addition to law enforcement, students can report crimes and misconduct to Responsible Employees, Campus Security Authorities, the Dean of Students, Texas Tech University Office of Student Conduct, student counselors, or anyone within the Texas Tech Community
who is in a position to assist you.

Reporting to the University vs. Law Enforcement
Some instances of misconduct may also constitute a violation of state, federal, or local law. It is always the student's or employee's option to report misconduct to the University, to local law enforcement, or to both. Texas Tech administrators are happy to assist in making
a report to law enforcement, and will even accompany the victim if he or she wishes. Reporting to TTPD can lead to criminal charges and prosecution. 

If a student or employee wishes to report to both the Texas Tech Police Department and the Office of Student Conduct, an investigator from the University will coordinate with TTPD detectives so that the student only has to give a statement one time. This would be scheduled at the earliest convenience of the student and TTPD/TTU investigators.

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Phone Numbers

  • Emergency: 911
  • Non-emergency: 806-742-3931


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