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Police Cadets

Cadet Program

The Texas Tech Police Department is always seeking applicants who are a certified Peace Officer through the Texas Commissioned on Law Enforcement; however, there are times where the department seeks non-certified applicants.  The applicant will be sent to the South Plains College Law Enforcement Academy.  Only a limited amount of personnel are selected to go through the academy and there is a high interest in the cadet program from employees who work at the Texas Tech Police Department and want to strive to be more.  The department has other opportunities such as Guard and Dispatcher for those interested in seeking initial employment.  The department pays for the police academy and the cadet is paid. The cadet will attend graduation in uniform. Once the cadet has passed the TCOLE exam, they will be promoted from cadet to Police Officer I.

If you are interested in being a cadet, please e-mail ttpd.policecareers@ttu.edu to be placed on the notification list. 


Cadet - $45,255.00

You can also send questions to ttpd.policecareers@ttu.edu about the positions with the Texas Tech Police Department or contact Captain Amy Ivey or Lieutenant Chris Patterson at 806-742-3931.


  • Holiday: State holidays assigned yearly (example: 15 given for fiscal year)
  • Vacation: 8 -21 hours per month depending on length of service
  • Sick: 8 hours per month
  • Teacher Retirement System of Texas - (Required)
  • Health Benefits: BCBS Texas (Paid by State for employee)
  • $1,200 Annual Clothing Allowance
  • Educational Tuition Assistance Program: TTU exempts employees from tuition and fees for one course per term up to a maximum of four semester credit hours (SCH) during any fall, spring, or summer term
  • Educational Incentive Pay (Degree earned after employment) $1,000 Bachelor/Master and $500 Associate Degree
  • Hazardous Duty Pay.
  • Field Training Officers: Officers assigned as Field Training Officers receive $600.00 extra per year.
  • Certificate pay: Officers will receive an additional annual compensation for the completion of additional TCOLE proficiency beyond Basic.

Certificate Pay

    • Basic Peace Officer Certifcation - N/A
    • Intermediate Peace Officer Certification - $500
    • Advanced Peace Officer Certification - $1,000
    • Master Peace Officer Certifcation - $1,500

A Police Officer I receives a step increase to Police Officer II after completion of one (1) year of service after release from the FTO program and a satisfactory record of performance.

The Texas Tech Police Department rank structure allows officers the opportunity to promote. The positions the department has are Police Officer, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Assistant Chief, and Chief of Police.

Shift Work

Patrol Officers work four 10-hour shifts with 3 days off.  The department is a 24/7 operation.

Uniforms and Equipment

The department issues uniforms, duty gear and weapons. Officers receive $1,200 per year clothing allowance.

Hazardous Duty Pay

Eligible employees are paid $10 for each 12-month period of lifetime service credit (not to exceed $300 per month) in accordance with Texas Government Code, Section 659.305.

Overtime / Off Duty:

After release from training, Texas Tech Police Officers have the opportunity to work sporting events, concerts, and other overtime events at Texas Tech.  Officers are allowed to work off-duty security (off campus) after one year of service with the Chief's approval.

Field Training Officer Program

The Field Training Officer Program is a minimum 16-week process, spending a minimum of 4 weeks on each patrol shift. 


The Texas Tech Police Department promotes professional development and encourages career advancement through ongoing training and participation in specialty units and assignments such as:

      • Patrol Officer
      • Bike Patrol
      • Detective
      • Field Training Officer
      • Honor Guard
      • Firearms Instructor
      • Training/Recruiting


To qualify for the position of Police Officer I, all applicants must meet the following requirements:

      • Must be at least 21 years of age
      • Must be a high school graduate or possess a G.E.D. certificate
      • Must possess a basic TCOLE license
      • Must be a United States Citizen
      • Must possess a valid driver's license not in jeopardy of suspension
      • Must never have been convicted of any family violence offense

Preferred Qualifications:

Fifteen (15) semester college hours from an accredited college or university OR three (3) years prior Law Enforcement OR three (3) years prior Military with Honorable Discharge

Must have been discharged from any and all military service under honorable conditions. A copy of DD214 (Long Form-Member-4) will need to be submitted at time of application.

TCOLE standards apply to the recruitment process

      • No felony convictions 
      • No DWI or DUI convictions within the past 10 years
      • No Class B misdemeanor convictions within the past 10 years
      • Not currently on probation for any criminal offense above a Class C misdemeanor
      • No convictions, court-ordered community supervision, or probation for any Class B or above criminal offense
      • Acceptable driving record and eligible to operate a university-owned vehicle in accordance with TTU OP 80.07.


Schedule a ride along with an officer to see what your future may hold. You can e-mail ttpd.policecareers@ttu.edu to get you started.

Ready to Apply?

Before filling out any forms, you must apply for a position at http://www.texastech.edu/careers/

The forms below will be sent to an applicant once the department has received the application. Both forms below must be filled out entirely. Do not leave anything blank and follow the instructions completely.

Authorization to Release Information

Personal History Statement - Police Officer\Communications Operator

Texas Tech Police Department