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About the Utilities Awards Program

The Section of Utilities recognizes that its greatest asset is its employees. The goal of the Utilities Awards Program is to show appreciation for an employee's high level of service, contributions, and achievements in completing the mission of the Utilities Department. This can be achieved through several types of nominations by fellow employees or management staff, which are listed below. If you have a coworker or employee whom you feel is deserving, let's get them recognized!

Utilities Awards

Customer Relations Award

  • Awarded for an action that improves relations with a customer or improves customer satisfaction

Employee of the Quarter Award

  • Awarded to individuals who have contributed the most significantly to the department over the quarter

Employee Process Improvement Team (EPIT) Award

  • Awarded for superior performance while serving as a team member and being recognized by other members of that specific team

Fix the Process Award

  • Awarded for suggesting or implementing a change to a process within the Utilities Department that results in improved performance, significant cost savings, reduced administrative burden, more timely accomplishment of assigned tasks, and/or other operational improvements

On-the-Spot Award

  • Awarded without delay following a specific outstanding act to provide immediate recognition for outstanding performance

Special Act Award

  • Awarded for a single outstanding act reflecting superior dedication and/or achievement

Distinguished Staff Awards

To be eligible for a distinguished staff award, the nominee must have a current performance evaluation on file in Human Resources and received an overall rating of 4.0 or above. One must also be continuously employed as either full-time or part-time and receiving no disciplinary action within the previous 12 months. The nominee must have completed all required trainings and not received a Distinguished Staff Award in the past five years.

Chancellor's Award of Excellence

  • Recognizes an individual who has five or more years of service with Texas Tech. This individual demonstrates exemplary service and commitment to the achievement of the university.

Masked Rider Award

  • Recognizes an individual who has four or more years of service with Texas Tech and a minimum of one year in a supervisory position. This individual has contributed to the success of Texas Tech through his or her accomplishments at work.

Matador Award

  • Recognizes a newcomer who has one to three years of service with Texas Tech. This individual has made significant contributions and shared innovative ideas throughout the year to the department and to the Texas Tech Community.

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