Texas Tech University

Emergency Response Plan for TTU Advising Center


General Emergency Procedures

Click the image on this page for a larger view of specific evacuation routes from the University Advising Center facility located in 79 Holden Hall.

If you are reading this you are either an auditor, a late-night web surfer,or some uncommon and challenging situation has risen against our great university. Chances are, the West Texas weather has determined to test the resolve of the folks that live here, and true to the spirit of the South Plains pioneers, we have been diligent to prepare as best we can.

This web site contains the emergency response plan for the Texas Tech University Adivising (TTUA) department and its constituent programs: the University Advising Center (located in 79 Holden Hall), the TTU DISCOVERY! Program, the TTU Prelaw Program, and the Academic Advisors who are assigned to support the ASUD and PLAW student populations.

The items below are not intended to specifically address each and every emergency situation that may arise, only to offer a broader outline of expectations and departmental operating policies that should assist in facilitating the staff's efforts to resume business as normal, as well as serving to better inform our student and university "customers." In every case, these policies will be superceded by more specific directives from local authorities and University Administrators, standing TTU Emergency Plans, TTU Operating Policies, and departmental decisions made in the immediate moment to most effectively address the emergency challenge of the specific circumstance.

Click for full-size image of ACTT Evacuation Plan (79 Holden Hall)

Phone Numbers and general emergency information is maintained by the Texas Tech University system, and is available online.

Please monitor closely the official University Emergency Communications Center web site, your official TTUmail (email) account, and subscribe to the automated University Emergency Alert System for the most accurate, current, and reliable information available. As the advisors of the University Advising may have good reason to contact you directly, every student is responsible to record and maintain his or her home and mobile contact information in the University Student Information System (accessible via Raiderlink).

University Closure and Cancellation of Classes


In the event an emergency situation arises that requires the closure of the university or the cancellation of classes, ALL student programs and appointments for the affected calendar dates will be rescheduled. It is foreseeable that this rescheduling of appointments could create a hardship on students seeking academic advice (and the resolution of academic advising holds), especially with regard to an impending university deadline.

Students facing such a dilemma should immediately email their assigned academic advisor (or send an email to our general mailbox) of their concerns, questions, and issues requiring a more timely resolution. This will serve to create reliable, time-stamped documentation of the student's proactive efforts with regard to solving his or her own challenges, in addition to providing valuable input to advising personnel seeking to prioritize and reschedule appointments, programs, and other university commitments in coming workdays.


As stated above, all student appointments for the affected calendar dates will be rescheduled. To facilitate this process, the University Advising staff will review student schedules and advisor availability, and will automatically propose and tentatively schedule one new appointment based on the information available at the time of rescheduling. Students are responsible to call (806-742-2189) or email (advising@ttu.edu) to confirm that appointment within 24 hours of the original appointment time. Unconfirmed appointments are subject to further rescheduling as walk-ins to our office at 79 Holden Hall will be seen as advisor availability may allow on a first-come, first-served basis, or as prioritized by the triage advisor on duty.

Student Programming: Workshops, Outreach, Retention, Community Service, Meetings, and Social Events

As stated above, all student programming for the affected dates will be canceled, and will be rescheduled as the opportunity and circumstance may allow. Students should check their official TTU email account for any personal or group communications sent from the sponsoring program, and should also check the program's web site for other current updates.

Academic Advising Records

Students advised in the University Advising Center have the extra benefit of all advising-related records being stored and maintained electronically. This means that every TTUA student appointment is available online for students to access on a 24-7 basis at www.advising.ttu.edu/myadvising, using their assigned eRaider username and current password.

This access should include all documentation created by TTUA advisors during student appointments (in person or via phone, email, or internet chat), workshop and event attendance, achievement of advising learning outcomes (see the advising syllabus for details), majors under exploration, advisor assignments, submissions via the Advising and Registration Checklist, certain general academic information, and any uploaded scans from face-to-face appointments.