Texas Tech University



The CASNR research program is recognized nationally and globally for excellence in the discovery and delivery of knowledge on current and emerging aspects of the food, fiber, fuel, natural resources, environmental sciences, management, and planning disciplines. In keeping with research that addresses regional issues with national and global impact, CASNR promotes and supports multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and inter-institutional research programs. These programs address real world issues faced by producers, processors and consumers of food, fiber and natural resources. This allows the research to support programs in areas contributing to the local and regional workforce, sustainable economic and social development, and growth.


CASNR boasts an unparalleled and innovative research enterprise at its best:

  • Emphasis on problem-solving research
  • Over one-half of the research funding is dedicated to multi-disciplinary research
  • Technology development and commercialization receive significant emphasis
  • Research revenue per tenure/tenure-track faculty member FTE is $70,000
  • CASNR leverages $1 of state line-item funds for every $4 of sponsored funds
  • Sponsored funding generated per tenured/tenure-track faculty in CASNR is among the highest of any college at Texas Tech University


Research programs within CASNR are diverse and include:

  • Biotechnology and precision agriculture
  • Sustainable land and water use
  • Food safety, security, and quality
  • Animal health, nutrition, and welfare
  • Processing and value-added products
  • Natural resource management and planning
  • Agricultural marketing, trade and policy analysis
  • Human and social capital
  • International agricultural development



We invite you to become actively involved in the college. In today’s world, the college simply couldn’t function, nor could our students have many of the opportunities available to them, without your support. Through scholarships, professorships, program support and unrestricted gifts, our alumni and friends truly make a difference in students’ lives. For more information contact the CASNR Office of Development and Alumni Relations at (806) 742-2802, e-mail jane.piercy@ttu.edu, or “Give Online Now”.