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Masked Rider Program Advisory Committee

The Masked Rider Advisory Committee's primary responsibility is selecting the Masked Rider on an annual basis.  The committee is also responsible for coordinating the affairs of the Masked Rider and mascot; for developing the funding sources required for the proper care and maintenance of the mascot and related equipment; for determining policies and procedures for scheduling the public appearances; and for ongoing evaluation of the Masked Rider's performance of his or her duties.  The committee is chaired by Stephanie Rhode, Spirit Program Director in the Center for Campus Life office and reports to the Managing Director for the Center for Campus Life, Dr. Amy Murphy.

2013-2014 Masked Rider Advisory Committee

Bruce Bills
Center for Campus Life | Cheerleaders
Dr. Tiffanie Brooks
On-Field Veterinarian
Christi Chadwell
Former Masked Rider (2010-2011)
Mike Commer
Wells Fargo Bank
Leslie Cranford
Office of Communications & Marketing
Clara Garcia
Alumni Association
Erin Harold
Center for Campus Life | Pom Squad
Monica Hightower
Animal Science Alumni Association
Dr. Sam Jackson
Animal Science Department
Stacy Stockard Moncibaiz
Former Masked Rider (2004-2005)
Dr. Amy Murphy
Dean of Students
Stephanie Rhode (Chairperson)
Center for Campus Life | Spirit Program
Kirstie Sherman
Athletic Department | Football
Tara Thrash
Texas Tech Alumni Association
Gay Trammel-Witt
Center for Campus Life
Ashley Wenzel
Former Masked Rider (2012-2013)


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