Pom Squad Nationals

The Texas Tech Pom Squad compete at the NDA National Collegiate Dance Championship.

2015 Preview

April 9-11, 2015

Follow updates from Daytona on our social media accounts. We'll post pictures, performance times, results, and videos!

Public Showcase - Thursday, April 2
United Supermarkets Arena - 7:30 PM



2014 Results

Open Dance: 3rd Place, 9.647 Final Score
Hip Hop: 5th Place

Squad Members:
Brittany Brossman, Kelsey Buckner, Jackie Choi, Bethany Goff, Kristen Graham,
Rachel Graham, Nailah Jones, Peyton Ratliff, Kortani Rettig, Kelsey Schneider,
Tori Skillings, Dawn Stecklein, Christa Widjaja, Sydney Wilson

Erin Harold, Pom Squad Coach | Stephanie Rhode, Spirit Program Director


2013 Results

3rd Place - 9.565 Final Score

Squad Members:
Kelsey Buckner, Kristen Graham, Christa Widjaja, Sydney Wilson, Nailah Jones, Jackie Choi,
Kortani Rettig, Kathleen Busch (Alternate), LaShey Lanford, Peyton Ratliff, Kelsey Schneider, Dawn Stecklein, Brittany Brossman, Courtney Craig, Bethony Goff, Rachel Graham

Erin Harold, Pom Squad Coach | Stephanie Rhode, Spirit Program Director

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2011 Results

13th Place Overall / 5th Place Challenge Cup
9.121 Challenge Cup Score

Squad Members:
Abby Bertrand, Katie Bistransin, Brittany Brossman, Kelsey Buckner,
Kathleen Busch, Jackie Choi, Holly DeHaan, Katie Beth Gallagher, LaShey Lanford,
Janelle Midkiff, Kasey Mohler, Judi Parker, Petyon Ratliff, Kortani Rettig, Briana Vela

Bruce Bills, Coach | Stephanie Rhode, Spirit Program Supervisor

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2010 Results

10th Place - 8.948 Final Score

Squad Members:
Abby Bertrand, Lindsey Brown, Holly DeHaan, Laura Hagen, Chelsea Johncock, Carlee Johnston, Lindsay McCarthy, Janelle Midkiff, Courtni Mills, Stephanie Park, Judi Parker, Jenny Steele, Briana Vela, Belinda Witham, LaShey Landford (alternate)

Stephanie Rhode, Supervisor

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2009 Results

10th Place - 9.052 Final Score

Squad Members:
Lindsey Brown, Holly DeHaan, Laura Hagen, Carlee Johnston, Lindsay McCarthy, Courtni Mills, Bonnie Ohlig, Stephanie Park, Ashley Pennington, Tana Petty (alternate), Layci Tarvin, Cara Tilley, Brittany VanWagenen (alternate), Briana Vela

Rachel Levetzow, Coach | Stephanie Rhode, Program Supervisor

Recent Finishes

  • 2014
    Open Dance 1A: 3rd Place
    Hip Hop 1A: 5th Place
  • 2013: 3rd Place
  • 2011: 13th Place Overall / 5th Challenge Cup
  • 2010: 10th Place
  • 2009: 10th Place

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  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Uniform & Accessories Paid
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Meal Plan
  • Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Athletic Trainer & Team Doctor
  • Cheer for a Big 12 Conference School
  • National Competition Opportunities
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