Texas Tech University

Texas Tech Pom Squad

2017-2018 Pom Squad

2017-2018 Texas Tech Pom Squad

Line 1 (l to r): Hailey West, Meagan Wilkes, Jordyn Groover, Shelby Gorney

Line 2 (l to r): Maddie Harris, Marisa Martin, Alyssa Cisneros, Shannon Rockwell, Lauren Lund, Hannah Taub

Line 3 (l to r): Maria Young, Presley Watson, Hallie Stueckrath, Dominic Franco, Lindsay Ollivant, Haley Whitney, Alexa Pagano

Line 4 (l to r): Hayden Riegel, Cassidy Ramage, Isabelle Naylor, Julianne Swaykus, Jenna Brasfield, Fallon Williams, Holly Skillings, Olivia Smith


Coach Erin Alvarado

Pom Squad


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