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The Lorum Stratton Scholarship Endowment Fund

CMLL is pleased to present to you the new Lorum Stratton Scholarship Endowment which will provide a study abroad scholarship opportunity to CMLL undergraduate and graduate students of all languages who meet the criteria. This endowment will be made possible through generous donations received from faculty, staff, colleagues, alumni and fundraisers.

“I will never forget my first experience studying abroad in Moscow during the summer of 1988. I am now an associate professor of Russian language and literature and, even though over twenty-five years have passed, that summer in Moscow will always be with me. It was then that I fully understood what it means to live in the language and culture that I had been studying throughout college. This kind of knowledge cannot be gained through a textbook.

When I went on my first study abroad program I was fortunate that the cost of tuition was low and that I could save up for the program myself. Unfortunately, tuition costs have risen and few students can afford to pay for their own study abroad today. Without additional support, study abroad is out of reach for many of our students.

I invite you to partner with me in supporting the Lorum Stratton Study Abroad Scholarship Endowment. Study abroad is one of the most significant and valuable experiences that a college student can have and we hope to make participation in study abroad programs accessible to everyone. By contributing to the Lorum Stratton Study Abroad Scholarship, you are helping to make this goal possible for our most deserving students.

Your partnership will honor Dr. Stratton and help to fulfill the Texas Tech University motto that, "From Here, It's Possible!"- Dr. Erin Collopy, Department Chair

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“From CMLL, It’s Possible” to honor Dr. Lorum Stratton and to provide new scholarship opportunities for deserving students!