Alumni and Current Student Testimonials

Samuel Chanjaplammootil

Samuel Chanjaplammootil, E.I.T., B.S.E.E., M.E.H.E.

Lead Analyst
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - Amarillo

As an engineer, Samuel is tasked with setting up the preventive maintenance program for all building systems involved in the functioning of the TTUHSC Amarillo campus, as well as helping with the management of new construction, renovation, and repair projects.

"I elected to pursue a Master's in Healthcare Engineering as it allowed me to learn technologies that could help alleviate cost and increase efficiency and success rates of current processes. As the degree is multidisciplinary, it also allowed me to take classes in multiple engineering fields, which further gave me a well-rounded understanding of engineering in the healthcare industry. It is exciting that we as engineers could help come up with an answer to reduce high healthcare costs, as well as to continue to develop our healthcare system to ensure it remains one of the best in the world."

Justin A. Hopple

Justin A. Hopple, SSG1,B.A.A.S.2, Net+3, Sec+4

Network Manager
4th Brigade 1st Cavalry Division, U.S. Army - Fort Hood, Texas

As the Network Manager for 4th Brigade, Justin supervises a team of network and infrastructure soldiers that is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of tactical data networks.

"I chose to further my education by pursuing a Master's in Healthcare Engineering to better prepare for life outside of the military. Over the last several years, the healthcare industry has become more reliant on IT services to better patient experiences and overall availability of care. By taking part in this program, I will be able to hone my skills as an information technology professional and gain an advanced understanding of the healthcare industry and how the two tie together. These two industries are not going away, and I plan on making a career in healthcare IT once I part ways with the Army."

George G. Morales

George G. Morales, P.E.5, B.S.M.E., M.B.A.

Assistant Vice President, Physical Plant & Support Services
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - Lubbock, Texas

As the Assistant Vice President of Physical Plant & Support Services, George oversees healthcare facility works, such as managing clinical renovations, directing maintenance and operations requirements, and planning and building research laboratories used for clinical research.

"The Healthcare Engineering program attracted me and offered an opportunity to enhance my knowledge and obtain a more formal understanding of healthcare and the application of engineering to healthcare. The Healthcare Engineering curriculum is flexible (e.g., distance learning). All of the courses have helped me fine-tune and improve programs that I am associated with at TTUHSC."

Kevin Ormand

Kevin Ormand, M.S.H.A.6, F.A.C.H.E.7, P.M.P.8

Revenue Cycle Solution Line Director
maxIT-VCS, An SAIC Company

As the Revenue Cycle Solution Line Director, Kevin leads a team that is responsible for revenue cycle systems strategy development, selection, assessment, optimization, redesign, and implementation, in a company that provides healthcare information technology services consulting to healthcare providers across the U.S. and in Canada.

"Why put additional stress to pursue a Master's Degree in Healthcare Engineering while working full-time?

"The answer is simple but with depth. Healthcare could/will benefit from persons who can effectively integrate clinical, technical, financial, and information systems processes in a fully-integrated manner. I believe that acquiring the knowledge and skill sets within this specialty will enable me to be a key contributor in the healthcare industry."

1 Staff Sergeant
2 Bachelor of Applied Arts & Science
3 CompTIA Network + Certification
4 CompTIA Security + Certification
5 Professional Engineer
6 Master of Science in Health Administration
7 Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives
8 Project Management Professional