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Whitacre College of Engineering Job Fair

You may not realize this, but finding your dream job is actually a full-time job in and of itself. Sending resumes, applying, researching the companies, and preparing for interviews is a time-intensive process. That's why the College of Engineering has two job fairs every year. We bring the companies to you! Our goal isn't just to give you one of the best educations in the world. We want to ensure that when you complete your studies, you can properly showcase what you've learned by getting the job that will put you on the path to success.


Meet the Companies

“Meet the companies,” is probably the most important piece of advice students can hear when looking for a job, but many students don't take enough opportunities to follow through.

The Whitacre College of Engineering Job Fair is the perfect chance to meet companies looking for Texas Tech engineers. Whether you are a graduating senior looking for a full-time position, a sophomore or junior looking for an internship or co-op, or a freshman just curious about the future, come to the Engineering Job Fair, meet the companies, and find out what careers in engineering are all about.

Secure Your Future

The next Engineering Job Fair will be September 18, 2019 at the Lubbock Civic Center. Companies will be exhibiting from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

It's not too early to start getting ready! Have your resumes ready ahead of time and research the companies. Know who you want to talk to and have a game plan. Study for the Job Fair like you would study for a test. This is your moment to show what you know! Print your own company list by logging into Job Grid.

Plan to stay all day. We will have a FREE SHUTTLE service running to and from the Civic Center. Look for the Job Fair Shuttle north of the Terry Fuller Petroleum Engineering Building. Limited boxed lunches will be available to students from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. free of charge.

Don't Forget

  • Print your own list of companies
  • Research companies ahead of time
  • Bring several copies of your updated resume
  • Dress professionally
  • Business professional dress code will be enforced throughout the Fair. See guidelines here

    Thank you to our Fall 2019 Job Fair Sponsors!

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