Texas Tech University

Student Engineering Council


About the Council

The Student Engineering Council consists of two groups that work together to help promote the mission and goals of the college.

  • Executive Committee
  • Dean's Roundtable

for two main goals:

  1. Organize collaborative college wide events such as outreach, community service and recruiting to enhance the mission and goals of the Whitacre College of Engineering.
  2. Provide feedback to the dean of the Whitacre College of Engineering on the progress of the college from the student experience.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the initiation of outreach and community service projects. This group is a subset of the Engineering Ambassadors. The committee enlists engineering students to form subcommittees to assist with the planning and implementation of events.

Primary officers of the Executive Committee:

  • Marita Moya
  • Michelle Liner
  • Ryan Bratton

Please contact Ryan Bratton at ryan.bratton@ttu.edu if you are interested in participating in a committee.

Dean's Roundtable

The Dean's Roundtable consists of the presidents, or the president's designee, of the engineering student organization. This group has the responsibility of providing the dean with honest and constructive feedback. Additionally the Dean's Roundtable provides supplemental assistance to the Executive Committee to enhance the goals and mission of the college.

To bring up an issue that should be addressed in the meetings please contact your organization president or Jamie Perez at jamie.l.perez@ttu.edu. Meetings are held the last Friday of every month. Special sessions may also be called to accommodate the dean and associate dean's schedules.