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February 2013 Articles:

Intern Spotlight: Jennifer Powell with Red Cross
by Stephanie Derkowski, photo by Stephanie Derkowski

Jennifer Powell at her internship with the Red Cross

Jennifer Powell

Internships are important resume builders for getting jobs in communications. Many students obtain an internship for class credit, including Jennifer Powell, a senior public relations major from Plano, Texas.

Powell is the community relations intern for the Red Cross of the South Plains in Lubbock. She writes news releases, organizes media advisories, edits and writes for newsletters, and sends out news stories to the media.

Along with her many duties, Powell is also leader of the Holiday Mail for Heroes campaign for the Lubbock chapter. Powell said running this campaign is her favorite part of her internship because of the opportunities and experiences she has gained.

“We've had several people call or bring in cards on their own saying that they heard about this campaign and wanted to help,” Powell said. “It's really been cool to see the Lubbock community get involved and come together to help the veterans and troops by sending them holiday cards.”

Powell said some opportunities she gained from the internship included having leadership experience, being a spokesperson, and dealing with media relations. She said these are all experiences she could not have received in a classroom.

Powell said the No. 1 advice she can give someone who is considering obtaining an internship is to be on Career Center Director Aleesa Ross' email list.

Ross sends a daily email to students with job and internship opportunities. She also does resume and cover letter critiques, holds mock interviews, hosts career fairs, and is always there for the students with any questions or concerns, Powell said.

“I heard about the internship through Aleesa and applied, so I feel like there are so many valuable resources that we have at the Career Center and utilizing those will really help.”


Campus Spotlight: Carol of Lights
by Morgan Spruiell, photo courtesy Texas Tech Communications and Marketing

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Memorial Circle was set aglow Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012, honoring Texas Tech's 54th annual Carol of Lights. Thousands of people gathered to celebrate the season and support a beloved tradition.

More than 25,000 colored lights covered 13 buildings surrounding Memorial Circle, the Engineering Key, and the Broadway Entrance to the campus. (view map)

The ceremony began with a Carillon Concert, followed by the Masked Rider and Saddle Tramps Torch Light Processional. High Riders group members were at the University Seal at the Broadway Entrance to follow the luminaire-lighted route around Memorial Circle to the Science Quadrangle.


Professor Spotlight: Cam Stone, Ph.D.
by Morgan Spruiell, photo by David Vaughn

Cam Stone, Ph.D.

Cam Stone, Ph.D.

Cam Stone, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the College of Media & Communication. Stone has taught Introduction to Electronic Media & Communications, Principals of Digital Media Production, Electronic Media Operations, and a section of the News Writing lab.

After completing his undergraduate education at Western Texas College and the University of Texas -- Permian Basin, Stone earned his master's degree from Angelo State University. Stone said he graduated from high school in Gale, Texas, with 12 peers and really liked the idea of a smaller school. When Stone was ready to begin work on his doctoral degree, he toured Texas Tech University and decided to take the leap.

The assistant professor has a wide range of job experience in student services, advising and radio in Nashville, Tenn. Stone has 20 years of experience in student services, and he said, 10 years down the road, he would like to be a department chair or assistant dean of some sort.

Stone said joining one of the college's eight student organizations is very beneficial for incoming students. Not only do organizations offer an opportunity to meet peers, but also establish relationships with professors and gain hands-on experience with equipment and software. Stone said a good work ethic has enabled him to achieve what he has wanted thus far.

Stone favors teaching because he sees the growth of students throughout the semester. “We've got a cool college, with a lot of great people here with a diverse background in teaching and research,” Stone said. He will teach another three courses in the spring semester, and he said, “This is a good time to be at Texas Tech.”


Dorm Life: Q & A with Beth Worley
by Stephanie Derkowski, photo by David Vaughn

Beth Worley is a freshman public relations major from Plano, Texas.

Beth Worley

Beth Worley

Q: What kind of activities do you do with the learning community?

  • A: We have a trip coming up in the spring to visit advertising and public relation firms. I'm really excited about it because it'll help me see if this is something I really want to do. Especially being a freshman and not being so sure of what you want to do, the opportunities to go on trips to help you decide are really helpful.

Q: What is your favorite part about living in a learning community?

  • A: I like being able to say “hi” to people as I pass them in the hall because I know them from my classes. I actually know them by name, and I know my neighbors from not only the dorm but from class too, which is a really good feeling.

Q: What do you think you'll take from living at the learning community vs. the average resident hall?

  • A: I've found a study group that actually lives inside my hall, and whenever I see them they ask when we can study again together. We all have a similar class at the college, Intro to Media & Communication, so it's really easy to figure out when to study for the class because we all live so close.

Q: How do you think living in the learning community has benefitted you?

  • A: I think the special events they have for the learning community vs. other dorms are really beneficial, like the meet-and-greet ice cream social with the College of Media & Communication professors. You have the opportunity to visit and talk with your professors outside of their office or classroom, and you can also meet other professors you may have one day.

Red Raider Orientation, Meningitis Information

RRO Links:

Registration for Summer and Fall 2013 will open April 4, 2013.

Meningitis Info

Every new Texas Tech University student must be immunized for Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) and Meningitis or qualify for an exemption.
Requirement for Entering Students:
You will not be allowed to register for classes, even at Red Raider Orientation, until Student Health Services has received and processed documentation showing that you have complied with the following requirement.

Texas Senate Bill 1107, passed in May 2011, requires all students entering a public, private or independent institution of higher education in Texas as of January 2012 and thereafter to provide documentation that they have had a meningococcal (bacterial meningitis) vaccine or “booster” dose during the five-year period prior to but no later than 10 days before the first day of the first semester they will enter that institution. Check your shot records. You may need another shot to comply. Do not submit your documentation until you are admitted.

International students who are entering Texas Tech must comply with additional medical requirements before they will be allowed to register for classes.

Send vaccination records to Student Health Services:

  • Fax:
    (806) 743-1071
  • Email:
    Jennifer Weaver
  • Mail:
    Student Wellness Center
    1003 Flint Ave.
    BOX 43095
    Lubbock, TX 79409-3095
  • In Person:
    Student Wellness Center
    1003 Flint Ave
    Lubbock, Texas

Write your Texas Tech “R” number and the semester you are entering Texas Tech on this form (e.g. Spring 2013) before submitting it.

Please submit your documentation to Student Health Services as soon as you are admitted AND have decided to come to Texas Tech, but at least two weeks before your intended registration date (even if that date is during Red Raider Orientation).


Major Spotlight: Media Strategies with Ann Rodriguez
by Stephanie Derkowski, photo by Riannon Rowley

Ann Rodriguez, Ph.D. and director of the Media Strategies program

Ann Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Media is rapidly changing in our society, thus the job market is changing within the media industry as well. The professors at the College of Media & Communication recognize this and decided to create a new major to complement this change in our society, called Media Strategies.

Ann Rodriguez, Ph.D., the director of the media strategies program, said this major is for people who love to communicate and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

“We're going to emphasis critical-thinking skills, a more entrepreneurial spirit, and a new understanding of media,” Rodriguez said. “So that you can take that understanding of media and apply it in your industry.”

Rodriguez said two newly created classes for this major are called Professional Communication and Media Literacy, and one adapted course titled Media Economics and Entrepreneurship.

Along with these required courses, Rodriguez said, another thing she loves about this major is it can be easily tailored to one's interest and needs. She said this degree plan teams up with the Rawls College of Business, so someone with this major can have the benefit of taking entrepreneurial and marketing courses without majoring or minoring in business.

This major allows someone to have the choice to take classes at the business school and take classes in any of the other four majors of the College of Media & Communication.

For example, Rodriguez said, if someone likes advertising, but they also have an interest in public relations, they have the opportunity to take advertising and public relations courses with a Media Strategies degree.

“This major gives someone a broad overview of the media and the world in which we live in,” Rodriguez said, “how it impacts and how you can use it to your advantage in whatever industry you decide to go into.”



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