Texas Tech University

Acceptances of London ICA Conference Papers

Congratulations to faculty and graduate students for having papers accepted for presentations at the ICA conference in London, June 17-21, 2013.

ICA Pre-Conference

  • Kenton T. Wilkinson & Patrick F. Merle. (2013, June). The Business Press and Trade Journals in Academic Research: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives. New Histories of Communication Study.

ICA Conference

  • Brandon Bouchillon. (2013, June). The Media's Role in Demobilization: Framing trends, Susan G. Komen, and the Planned Parenthood Reversal. Organizational Communication Division.
  • Bucy, E. P. (2013, June). Towards a Science of Television News Research: Nonverbal Analysis of News Visuals. Panel presentation to the International Communication Association Preconference on Evolution, Biology, and Brains: Innovation in Theory and Methods, London.
  • Bucy, E. P., & Stewart, P. (2013, June). “Candidate Affinity, Political Competition, and Televised Leader Displays: Winning Over Hearts in the 2012 Presidential Election.” Paper to be presented to the International Communication Association, Political Communication Division, London.
  • Coy Callison, Patrick F. Merle, Curtis B. Mathews & Ed. Youngblood. (2013, June). Lack of credibility accompanying public relations messages distributed through corporate channels: A longitudinal experiment. Public Relations Division.
  • Clay Craig, Brittany Campbell, Danette Baker, & Shannon Bichard. (2013, June). Digital house calls: Health care professionals, interest and motivation for online media interaction. Health Communication Division.
  • Jessica El-Khoury & Kenton T. Wilkinson. (2013, June). Popular Culture Celebrity and the Viewer: Awareness through Entertainment-Education and Parasocial Interactions in Lebanon. Global Communication & Social Change Division.
  • Liz Gardner, Trent Seltzer & Rachel Page. (2013, June). The influence of message source and cultivation strategies in a nonprofit public relations context. Public Relations Division.
  • Liz Gardner, Brandon Nutting, & Glenn Leshner. (2013, June). Explicating psychological reactance: Comparing self-report and psychophysiological measures to understand the impact of freedom-limiting language. Information Systems Division.
  • Sherice Gearhart & Weiwu Zhang. (2013, June). “Was It Something I Said?” “No, It Was Something You Tweeted!” Applying the Spiral of Silence to Social Media. Mass Communication Division.
  • Albert C. Gunther, Bryan McLaughlin, Melissa R. Gotlieb, & David Wise. (2013, June). Motivated evaluation of mediated information: The role of content and source affiliation. Mass Communication Division.
  • Patrick F. Merle. (2013, June). Political aptitude: A revised measure of political sophistication. Political Communication Division.
  • Patrick F. Merle & Clay Craig. (2013, June). Long live soft news: How economic content with human interest angles favor recall. Journalism Studies Division.
  • Sarge, M. A., & Knobloch-Westerwick, S. (2013, June). Influence attempts using efficacy sources as weight loss evidence. Health Communication Division.
  • Shafer, A., Patel, S., Bulik, C.M., & Zucker, N.L. (Accepted). Effects of a campaign to promote caregiver self-care for parents of children with eating disorders. International Communication Association 2013 Conference, Information Systems Division.