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Advisory Board

The Interior Design Advisory Board is composed of volunteering visionary individuals from the interior design professional community. The role of the Interior Design Advisory board is to bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing the exchange of thoughts relative to emerging trends in the Interior Design discipline. Our Interior Design Advisory Board is active at several fronts. The Board members serve as studio critiques, review the curriculum and provide feedback, review the CIDA accreditation process, represent the program in design conference venues, advocate the excellence of the program within professional organizations, and raise public awareness of the interior design program.

Member Directory

  • Britni Wilkens
  • Debbie Fuller
  • Denise Hostick
  • Diana Lachica
  • Elizabeth Jones
  • Gloria Curtis
  • Melissa Bcahmeyer
  • Meredith Buss
  • Michael Kawecki
  • Norma Rosowski

Professional Design Firms Represented

  • Parkhill, Smith, Cooper - Lubbock
  • Hok - Dallas
  • Knoll - Dallas
  • Leo A Daly - Dallas
  • Beck Group - Dallas
  • Gensler - Houston

Advisory Council Particpates in the following:

  • Sr. Professional Review
  • Expo Lunch and Learn
  • Internship Placement
  • Curriculum Review
Interior Design Advisory Board

Department of Design