Texas Tech University

Work Control


About Work Control

BMC is responsible for the overall administration of the university work coordinator program.

The director of BMC is responsible for:

  • Achieving good communication with university departments through the use of departmental work coordinators and BMC personnel.
  • Conducting training sessions as needed for all assigned departmental work coordinators.
    • These sessions will provide a communication network to keep work coordinators informed of their responsibilities, changes in BMC operation policies, and to answer any questions the work coordinators might have. Incumbent work coordinators are also encouraged to attend these sessions.
  • Providing customer feedback opportunities through the use of the online Work Control Satisfaction Survey. These surveys are sent to the work coordinator after work is completed and the work order is closed.
Receive All Service and Maintenance Requests
  • Service are emergency and urgent requests
    • Should be able to complete within two hours:
      • Safety issues
      • Anything that can cause property damage
  • Maintenance are non-emergency repairs
    • Whenever possible, completed within 30 days
      • Replace light bulbs
      • Minor painting touch-ups or repairs
      • Smaller dollar amount or shorter time period
      • Equipment repairs or replacements
Receive All Project Requests
  • External
    • Area renovations
    • Painting of offices and classrooms
    • Carpet replacement
  • Internal
    • Replacement of equipment
    • Repairs to equipment or mechanical rooms
Other Responsibilities
  • Coordinate all campus utility shutdowns
  • Administer elevator contract and billing
    • Assist inspector with all paperwork
  • Administer fire testing and certification contract and billing
    • Assist inspector with all paperwork

Operations Division: Building Maintenance & Construction