Texas Tech University

Graduate Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to Texas Tech University?

Visit the Graduate School Admissions Web site

What do I do to remove an advising hold?

Contact your faculty advisor or Margie Ceja.

When are scholarship applications due?

February 1st of each year. Scholarships are disbursed in the summer for the following Fall and Spring. The department does not have financial aid application forms for international students. Students currently enrolled should be encouraged to download the scholarship forms on our website and turn them in to Margie Ceja.

How do I succeed at Texas Tech University?

  1. Pay Attention in class (no texting, social networking, sleeping or reading the paper)
  2. Go to class, go to class, go to class
  3. Complete your homework and reading assignments.
  4. Get Help (and that includes your professor)
  5. Know your grades are earned, not given
  6. Remember the objective is to learn from your work not just complete your work.
  7. Accept that you will not make all A's
  8. Join and get involved in engineering societies.
  9. Read and comply with the syllabus.
  10. Develop good study habits.