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Online CE Master's Degree

The CECE Department offers a completely online MS program in Civil Engineering. This is a 30-hour program with a final comprehensive component of your choice. The 3 options, course only, are similar to our in-person MS program. This is a general MS Program that is not concentration dependent. The courses generally offered within this online program are the following:

CE 5310  Numerical Methods in Engineering
CE 5311 Advanced Mechanics of Solids
CE 5315 Probabilistic Methods for Civil Engineers
CE 5319 Machine Learning for Civil Engineers
CE 5321 Advanced Soil Engineering
CE 5323 Advanced Foundation Engineering I-Shallow Foundations
CE 5326 Stability Analysis and Design of Slopes and Embankments 
CE 5328  Design and Analysis of Earth Retaining Structures 
CE 5331 Advanced Work in Specific Fields: Advanced Data Analysis
CE 5331 Advanced Work in Specific Fields: Advanced Transportation
Planning and Network Design
CE 5331  Advanced Work in Specific Fields: Advanced Foundation
Engineering II‐Deep Foundations
CE 5331  Advanced Work in Specific Fields: Environmental Engineering
CE 5341 Structual Reliability
CE 5346 Structural Dynamics I
CE 5351 Advanced Flexible Pavement Materials
CE 5352 Advanced Flexible Pavement Design
CE 5355 Advanced Rigid Pavement Design
CE 5356 Sustainable Material Systems for Engineering Design
CE 5360 Open Channel Hydraulics
CE 5361 Surface Water Hydrology  
CE 5362 Surface Water Modeling 
CE 5363 Groundwater Hydrology
CE 5364 Groundwater Transport Phenomena
CE 5366 Water Resources Management
CE 5371 Advanced Geometric Design of Highways
CE 5372 Traffic Flow Theory
CE 5373 Highway Capacity Analysis
CE 5394 Natural Systems for Wastewater Treatment
CE 5318 Finite Element Methods
CONE 5332 Construction Management

Additional courses may be offered so check official registration.

Prerequisites to applying for the Online MS program

A Bachelor's degree in engineering is required to apply to this program, but students with a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering-related disciplines (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geology, Geophysics, and so forth) may apply to the Online Master's program in Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering after completion of the prerequisite classes or equivalents listed below. Students completing these courses before you apply will put them on par with engineering graduates and to help them pass the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination, the first step toward a Professional Engineering (PE) license. International students must possess an engineering degree upon admission to the Online MS Program. Upon graduation, international students are viewed by the State of Texas Professional Engineering Board as having the equivalent of an Undergraduate Engineering Degree and can go through the licensure process to become professional engineers. Note, some graduate courses may require specific undergraduate prerequisites so check the current catalog.

Prerequisites to application for the Online MS degree for non-engineers

Principles of Chemistry I and II CHEM 1307, 1308
Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory, I and II CHEM 1307, 1308
Calculus I, II, and III and Higher Math for Engineers and Scientists I MATH 1451, 1452, 2450, and 3350
Physics I and II PHYS 1408, 2401  
Computational Thinking ENGR 1330
Statics CE 2301
Mechanics of Solids CE3303
Mechanics of Fluids CE3305

University Scholarships

Scholarships available from the Graduate School are available at this link. These scolarships are provided in the Fall term and provide out-of-state tuition waivers for the full year. Application for these scholarships are generally due every January 15th. You do not need to have your application fully accepted at the time of the application, but you will need to be enrolled in the Fall term to receive the scholarship.

Further Information

Additional information on any of the Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering programs or Texas Tech University may be obtained by contacting:


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