Texas Tech University

Online CE Master's Degree

The CECE Department offers a completely online MS program in Civil Engineering. This is a 30-hour program with a final comprehensive component is equivalent to the 3 options of our in-person MS program. This is a general MS Program that is not concentration dependent. The courses offered within this online program are the following:

CE 5310  Numerical Methods in Engineering
CE 5315 Probabilistic Methods for Civil Engineers
CE 5319 Machine Learning for Civil Engineers
CE 5321 Advanced Soil Engineering
CE 5323 Advanced Foundation Engineering I-Shallow Foundations
CE 5326 Stability Analysis and Design of Slopes and Embankments 
CE 5328  Design and Analysis of Earth Retaining Structures 
CE 5331 Advanced Data Analysis
CE 5331 Advanced Transportation Planning and Network Design
CE 5331  Advanced Foundation Engineering II-Deep Foundations 
CE 5331  Environmental Engineering Sustainability
CE 5351 Advanced Flexible Pavement Materials
CE 5352 Advanced Flexible Pavement Design
CE 5355 Advanced Rigid Pavement Design
CE 5356 Sustainable Material Systems for Engineering Design
CE 5360 Open Channel Hydraulics
CE 5361 Surface Water Hydrology  
CE 5362 Surface Water Modeling 
CE 5363 Groundwater Hydrology
CE 5364 Groundwater Transport Phenomena
CE 5366 Water Resources Management
CE 5372 Traffic Flow Theory
CE 5373 Highway Capacity Analysis
CE 5394 Natural Systems for Wastewater Treatment
CE 53xx* Finite Element Methods
CONE 5332 Construction Management

*This is a new course so the number has not been defined at this writing.

Further Information

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