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Doctoral studies consist of selected courses and independent research culminating in a dissertation. Each student's degree plan is individually formulated through consultation with a faculty advisory committee. Recent dissertation research studies have included topics in the civil engineering specialty areas of structural engineering, engineering mechanics, geotechnical engineering, geoenvironmental engineering, water resources engineering, wind engineering, environmental engineering, and computational mechanics.

Typically, students with M.S. degrees in engineering programs enter the civil engineering doctoral program. Students with graduate degrees in non-engineering sciences initially may be accepted subject to completing specified leveling courses in civil engineering. Students with master's degrees in civil or environmental engineering who have not completed courses equivalent to the core courses required for the M.S.C.E. degree will be required to satisfactorily complete the missing core courses at the earliest opportunity. Degree and tool course requirements are detailed in the latest edition of the Texas Tech University Graduate Catalog. 



Admission requirements to Texas Tech University and the Whitacre College of Engineering are detailed in the latest Texas Tech University Graduate Catalog. Students who wish to be admitted to the Ph.D. program in civil engineering at Texas Tech University must meet requirements beyond the minimum Graduate Record Examination score and Grade Point Average established by the Graduate School. Admission is granted only to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional academic, research, and professional achievement potential, and who have demonstrated the maturity to formulate their own academic and research programs. Specific admission requirements to the doctoral program of the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering include acceptance by the Graduate Faculty. Students entering the doctoral program not possessing baccalaureate degrees from engineering programs may be required to take leveling engineering courses to prepare them for advanced course work. Additionally, applicants for the doctoral program must receive approval of a separate application to the Graduate Faculty of the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering before being fully admitted.

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