Texas Tech University


Dr. Rui He

Dr. Rui He (the Lead PI) and her collaborators, Dr. Liuyan Zhao of University of Michigan and Dr. Xiaofeng Qian of Texas A&M University, were recently awarded an NSF grant for their project titled “Collaborative Research: Probing quasiparticle excitations in TMDC Moiré superlattices for revealing and understanding novel two-dimensional correlated phases.” The total project award is $762,450, with $257,821 for Dr. He (NSF grant No. DMR-2104036, 08/01/2021-07/31/2024). This project probes correlated phases in moire superlattices formed by stacking two transition metal dichalcogenides atomic layers vertically. The focus is to investigate the collective phonon, charge, and magnon excitations of correlated phases by using an integrated optical spectroscopy experiment and first-principles theory method. Dr. He's group conducts magneto-optical spectroscopy to study phonons, carrier-phonon interactions, and spin wave excitations in this new type of artificial structures made of simple and high-quality atomic crystals. This research offers venues to create artificial two-dimensional (2D) materials with dynamic tunability and bridge the learned knowledge to traditional correlated systems for potential nanodevice applications using twist engineering of atomic layers of various 2D materials.


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