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  • To recognize electrical and computer engineering graduates who have made significant contributions to the profession and in so doing have brought credit to the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Texas Tech.
  • To inspire students in the electrical and computer engineering programs to achieve success in their selected fields of endeavor.

Membership Criteria


A minimum of 90 percent of the members shall be graduates of the Texas Tech Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. Graduates of other electrical and computer engineering schools who meet item one under purpose can be elected up to 10% of the total population of the Academy.

Methods of Selection

  • Nominations will be requested in an annual mailout to all ECE graduates. Minimum background information requirements will be included in the mailout. Nominations will be accepted from any interested individual. Nominations must include enough background information on the nominee to provide selection consideration.
  • A six (6) member committee will select all award recipients. The committee membership will be as follows: ECE Department Chair (Committee Chair), Industrial Advisory Board Chair, and IEEE Student Chapter President. In addition, the Department Chair will appoint a faculty representative, a past recipient of the Academy recognition, and an "at large" participant.

Nature of the Award

  • The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering will present the award as a part of the spring Academy activities. The recipient should be in attendance to receive the award.
  • The recipient will be awarded a plaque or certificate.
  • The recipient's picture and a short biographical sketch will be displayed in the department.
  • Recipients will be announced in a general mailout to all ECE graduates.
  • The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering will provide a news release to the recipient's corporate internal communications department, if applicable.

Number of Awards

Up to five (5) recipients can be selected each year. All current and future Texas Tech Distinguished Engineers who are ECE graduates are automatically members of the ECE Academy and are not be counted in the above five (5).


It is expected that the Academy will eventually be come self-governing. Until that time, the Electrical and Computer Engineering Industrial Advisory Board will handle those responsibilities.

Amended by the EE Industrial Advisory Board, 7 April 1989

Amended by the EE Industrial Advisory Board, 5 April 1991

Amended by the EE Industrial Advisory Board, 27 September 1991

Amended by the EE Industrial Advisory Board, 3 April 1992

Amended by the ECE Industrial Advisory Board, 2 April 2004

Randall W. Gurley, Chairman


A membership directory can be found on the members page.