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Financial Aid & Scholarships


The Whitacre College of Engineering offers a number of externally funded scholarships.

Once a student applies, he/she is matched to the scholarship for which he/she qualifies. The general scholarship application covers all scholarships — students do not apply for individual scholarships.

For further information, visit the college's scholarship web page.

Available Scholarships

Scholarships in Pulsed Power Science and Technology

The PPST program is designed to improve achievement and expedite student progress through the rigorous curriculum in electrical and computer engineering. Recipients will become part of a mentoring program that will provide direction and support. Students will see and experience clear pathways to graduate school and employment in the fields related to pulsed power engineering and research. Technical activities in pulsed power include high power pulsed accelerators, pulsed power applications, pulse forming networks, high power switching, pulsed electrical insulation and breakdown, electromagnetic energy storage, explosive pulsed power techniques, high current electron and ion diodes, intense particle beams and the associated diagnostics. There is a critical need for highly trained engineers and scientists in pulsed power. Pulsed power applies science to help detect, repel, defeat, or mitigate threats to national security.

Program for Semiconductor Device Engineering (SDE)

The Program for Semiconductor Device Engineering (SDE) prepares students for professional careers in the semiconductor industry. One of the most exciting aspects of this program is that it is a true collaboration between the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and leading semiconductor companies. Students receive a generous, industry sponsored scholarship while participating in the program.

SDE helps meet the enormous demand for trained semiconductor product, design, test, and validation engineers. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of both the theory and practice of semiconductor design and manufacturing.