Texas Tech University

Graduate Program Overview


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers students the opportunity of graduate study under the direction of faculty members in an atmosphere of enthusiasm for learning. Master's and doctoral degrees are awarded to students completing a comprehensive program of courses, examinations, and thesis or dissertation. Courses provide breath and depth of knowledge; thesis and dissertation projects are an important expression of creative research activity. A non−thesis option is available for master's students.

The master's degree program prepares students for successful professional careers based on a broad foundation, together with specialized technical expertise, in electrical engineering. The doctoral degree program prepares students for engineering-based leadership roles in society involving the solution of important technological problems and the advancement and dissemination of knowledge.

Graduate students can find thesis and dissertation topics in a variety of areas, with research conducted in the following multidisciplinary centers, laboratories, and industry−sponsored programs: For more information on these opportunities, please visit ECE Research Labs

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering encourages study abroad, and graduate students have studied in Denmark, France, Spain, and Mexico.

Before being recommended for admission to a degree program, students may be required to take (without graduate credit) undergraduate leveling courses designated by the department. No courses other than seminars may be taken with a Pass-Fail option.

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