Texas Tech University

Award Proration

How does this affect my financial aid?

Scholarships & Financial Aid initially awards all students assuming full-time enrollment. Students' records are then reviewed each semester to determine if they are enrolled less than full-time. Adjustments are then made to the financial aid awards of students enrolled less than full-time. This review and adjustment occurs each semester, prior to the financial aid disbursement date and then again at census date (the official 12th class day of the semester).

Award/Program Requires Full-Time Enrollment Is Prorated if not Enrolled Full-Time Requires at least 3/4 time Enrollment Requires at least 1/2 time Enrollment Is Prorated if not Enrolled 1/2 Time
College Access Loan       X  
Federal Direct Loan - Subsidized       X  
Federal Direct Loan - Unsubsidized       X  
Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan       X  
Federal Pell Grant   X   X X
Federal Perkins Loan   X      
Federal SEOG       X  
Federal Work Study       X  
Private/Alternative Loan1       X  
Scholarships2 X        
TEACH Grant   X     X
TEXAS Grant   X X    
TTU Grant   X   X  
Texas B-On-Time X X3      
Texas College Work Study       X  
Texas Public Education Grant - Resident   X   X  
Texas Public Education Grant - Nonresident   X   X  
Top 10% State Scholarship X3        
1Refer to Alternative Loan Page for more information.
2 Refer to your donor or depts.ttu.edu/scholarships/.
3 An exception may be made for a student's final semester before graduation only if fewer than 12 hours are required to complete the degree plan.