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Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study is a program funded my the federal government that provides financial support for your out-of-pocket expenses while enrolled at least half-time, allowing you to earn money for college while gaining valuable work experience. Explore diverse roles across campus, from staff assistants to student leadership positions, as you progress towards your degree.

Eligibility & Requirements

  1. Be a US citizen or Eligible Non-Resident
  2. Be enrolled half-time
  3. Complete and submit a FAFSA with interest in work-study selected
  4. Recieve and accept your finanical aid offer on Raiderlink
  5. Accept the offered work-study funds on Raiderlink
  6. Start looking for a job!
You will automatically receive a work-study offer in Raiderlink as part of your financial aid package if you have fulfilled the above requirements. If it's not listed, but you are interested in a work-study position, email student.employment@ttu.edu for verification of eligibility. Youll then need to apply and be hired for a position to earn the funding.

Student Employment

Federal Work-Study jobs represent a small portion of all the student jobs on campus. If you don't receive a work-study offer, there are many employment opportunities on campus and in the city of Lubbock. Texas Tech offers a diverse array of employment opportunities on campus, providing options for every student seeking to gain valuable work experience while studying. Whether it's in the library, administrative offices, or student services, there are numerous positions available to suit various interests and skill sets.

Benefits of On-Campus Employment

  • Earn money to help cover educational costs
  • Forge valuable professional connections for future job references
  • Gain valuable experience employment history for your resume
  • Develop time management skills by balancing work and school
  • Flexible work hours tailored to your schedule

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You do not have to have a work-study offer to work on campus. Many different types of positions are posted including work-study positions as well as part-time employment opportunities on and off campus. When applying for jobs, you should ask whether work-study is required or preferred. If you do have work-study, let those hiring know - it can save them a lot of money!

To apply for work-study, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Once Texas Tech receives your FAFSA, you'll be offered work-study if you qualify.

If you are reaching your work-study limit, email student.employment@ttu.edu to find out if you have additional eligibility and ask your employer if you can continue to work for them without work-study.

You can email your advisor at student.employment@ttu.edu to request additional work-study funding. If there is funding available and you are eligible, they can offer additional funds.

Yes! You do not have to be enrolled in summer classes to have eligibility but you do have to have filed a FAFSA and be enrolled for the following fall semester.

There are a limited number of positions off campus. To find out if Texas Tech has a contract with the off-campus employer, ask the employer or email student.employment@ttu.edu.

You log hours with your employer you will earn a paycheck that is paid to your personal bank account.

Since your earnings are paid directly to you in the form of a paycheck, the funds do not cover your student bill.