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Cost of Attendance Review

Estimated cost of attendance (budget) is used to determine your financial aid eligibility for a specific period of enrollment and includes estimated amounts for tuition, mandatory fees, as well as average amounts for standard educational expenses such as housing, meals, books, supplies, transportation, and other personal/miscellaneous expenses.

If your actual education-related expenses are higher than the estimated cost of attendance used to calculate your financial aid eligibility, you may request a review of your cost of attendance. Cost of attendance increases are considered on a case-by-case basis and are subject to federal, state, and institutional regulations.

Consider the following before submitting a request for an increase:

• Only expenses incurred by and for the student (or dependents of students) during the current academic year (between August 1 and August 10 of following calendar year) will be considered.

• One-Time Expenses incurred prior to the start of the academic year (August 1st) will not be considered; other than a computer purchase.

• If approved, an increase is typically funded through Federal Direct PLUS Loans or private education loans (and will not result in additional grant assistance). This request is not an application for a loan. Visit the NSLDS's website to review your current federal indebtedness and consider how additional borrowing may impact your post-graduation repayment.

• Reasonableness of your request along with prior indebtedness may be considered in determining whether an increase to your cost of attendance will be approved or for how much. Not all adjustments will be accepted due to the lifestyle choice of the student.

• You may be asked to participate in a money management consultation with Red to Black.

• Completing the Cost of Attendance Review Request form does not guarantee an increase to your cost of attendance. Each request receives a thorough review by a committee, and committee decisions regarding requests for increase are considered final. In addition, approval of identical requests for increase during the academic year or future academic years, are not guaranteed.

• Appropriate documentation (as indicated on the Cost of Attendance Review Request form) must be submitted at time of form submission or your request may not be reviewed.

• A personal statement describing the reason for request and detailed explanation of extenuating circumstance is required with every request.

• A table of contents with page numbers, indicating the documents you are submitting in order is required with every request.

• Please allow 10-15 business days (or more during peak processing times) for your Cost of Attendance Review Request form to be processed; you will be notified of our response via your TTU email address.

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