Texas Tech University


Studying abroad is a valuable educational experience.

Students who study abroad use the same aid that would be used for a semester on campus to pay for the semester abroad.

All aid a student is awarded for a semester on campus transfers to a study abroad program.

Study Abroad Financial Aid Information

  • Faculty-led, exchange, and reciprocal programs pay tuition to Texas Tech and are billed through Student Business Services.
  • Affiliate programs are billed by the provider.
  • Aid disburses 10 days before classes start at Texas Tech each term.
  • Programs billed through Texas Tech are paid when funds are disbursed.
  • Refunds processed by Student Business Services are used to cover outside expenses.
  • Affiliate programs are not paid by Texas Tech.
  • Students use refunds processed by Student Business Services to pay the affiliate program.

Study Abroad Helpful Tools

  1. Financial Aid Study Abroad Checklist
  2. Direct Loan limits and information