Texas Tech University

Personal Financial Planning Alumnus Advancing Field Through Professional Athlete Wealth Management

Mallory Collins

February 21, 2022

Jake Gurock

Jake Gurock works as a private wealth advisor at AWM Capital

Personal Financial Planning (PFP) alumnus Jake Gurock graduated in 2018 and now works as a private wealth advisor at AWM Capital. The firm specializes in financial planning and wealth management for professional athletes and ultra-high net worth families.

“Our main focus is to unlock the full potential of our clients' wealth for maximum impact in all areas of their lives,” Gurcok said. “We end up serving as the most trusted advisor in our clients' lives, which we are incredibly humbled and grateful for.”

In Gurock's role, he helps advise athletes on investments, insurance, estate planning, philanthropic giving, and taxes. In some cases, he works with athletes as young as 18. This opportunity allows Gurock to help coach them to make informed financial decisions.  

"Being able to partner with our clients, build trust, and play an integral role in their family is the best part of my job,” Gurock said. “Internally, I'm privileged to work with some of the smartest, most selfless, hard-working, and humble teammates in the world.”

AWM wants to help empower the athletes and help navigate significant financial decisions. The company also encourages giving back and using their money to make a positive impact.

“We teach them that money is just a tool to fund their life priorities and we help document what their values are,” Gurock said. “Over time, we get to watch our clients bless the world with what they've been blessed with, and play an active role in serving as counsel to their money decisions.”

When asked what advice to give current PFP students, Gurock said that being trustworthy is an important part of starting out and there are no shortcuts in developing the necessary competencies. He believes in the value of relationships instead of how you can profit from them. 

“In any relationship, your friend, neighbor, client, or counterpart must know that you truly care about them and their interests first,” Gurock said. “Seek to demonstrate that in all your affairs, and your personal success will follow. Believe in them, and work hard for their benefit, and amazing feats can be accomplished. Genuinely serving my community with honor and dignity will undoubtedly aid me in my own advancement.”  

During his time as a student in the College of Human Sciences, Gurock was named the College of Human Sciences Banner Bearer. He was honored at the fall  2018 commencement ceremony for his astounding work ethic and impact on the PFP program.

The Personal Financial Planning courses taught Gurock to understand the economic, financial, and social factors that affect financial management. Today, Gurock uses the knowledge and learned skills in his current role to help guide others in financial decisions.

“Expertise takes time, and I encourage all students to play the long game in their careers,” Gurock said.