Texas Tech University

School of Financial Planning Names Director of Financial Health and Wellness to Expand College Health Initiative

Mallory Collins

September 6, 2022

Sonya Lutter

Sonya Lutter will impact students and community members with financial health and wellness education

Texas Tech University's School of Financial Planning names new Director of Financial Health and Wellness, Sonya Lutter, Ph.D. CFP®, LMFT. In this role, Lutter will lead curriculum and continuing education opportunities in financial psychology, financial therapy, and financial behavior.

“As part of the larger College of Human Sciences initiative in health and wellness, I will be working to develop curriculum and continuing education opportunities in the financial space,” Lutter said. “One of my favorite elements of this position is the ability and enthusiasm for multidisciplinary work.”

The College of Human Sciences is dedicated to prioritizing health and wellness for students, faculty, staff and community members. Tim Dodd, Dean of the College of Human Sciences, speaks about the ongoing health and wellness initiative. 

“The College of Human Sciences aims to improve and enhance the human condition, and financial health and wellness are a crucial piece of achieving that goal,” Dodd said. “Without a strong foundation of financial literacy, individuals can make decisions that are detrimental to all aspects of their lives.  Therefore, ensuring our financial planning curriculum includes psychology, counseling, and the impact finances can have on overall wellness is extremely important for those working in the financial planning industry.”

Lutter will use her skills in personal financial planning along with the knowledge gained from her background in Marriage, and Family Therapy (MFT). Along with her doctorate in Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech's School of Financial Planning, Lutter received her Bachelor's degree in Personal Financial Planning and Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Kansas State University. 

“As a marriage and family therapist, I am looking forward to building collaborative opportunities in MFT as well as other programs across the college,” Lutter said. “Health and wellness are never isolated to a single area of life, so focusing on education that includes how financial health and wellness impacts social, relational, physical, and occupational health is really exciting.”

Her passion for financial counseling led her to start her own business, EnLite.World. EnLite.World is a research and training consultancy firm for financial planners and therapists. Their mission is to provide planners, therapists, and financial therapists with resources and tools to help improve the lives of their clients.

“I started EnLite.World in August 2022 to provide experiential training related to the psychology of financial planning, grief and loss, couple dynamics, and conflict resolution to financial planners and therapists,” Lutter said. “Working one-on-one with professionals allows for in-depth self-reflection and application of new skills that stick.”

Lutter is motivated to help others not only financially but in overall health and wellness as well. Her new role as Director of Financial Health and Wellness will allow her to help students and Lubbock locals who deal with stress, anxiety and financial hardship. She said that the focus on health and wellness at the college level drew her to this role. 

“I have already started brainstorming projects with a colleague on materials that would benefit students and professionals related to financial health and wellness,” Lutter said. “I am really looking forward to working with a team of diverse researchers to develop solutions for maximal health and wellness for all.”