Texas Tech University

Restaurant, Hotel & Institutional Management Faculty Member Participates in Daytona 500

Samantha Salazar

March 29, 2022

Mark Schneider (right) at "Beef. It's what's for dinner." stand in front of Daytona race track

Mark Schneider selected for elite culinary team to represent the Texas Beef Council in Daytona

Hospitality and Retail Management assistant professor, Mark Schneider, was selected on behalf of the Texas Beef Council to be a part of a culinary team in the Daytona 300 and 500. Schneider has worked with the Texas Beef Council for the past five years as a means of professional development and to gain hands-on experience in his field of study. The elite culinary team prepared over 800 meals for the two-day event.

Before getting started, the team took three days to prepare and formulate the logistics of working in an unknown kitchen and serving in multiple locations. One of their duties included preparing the Beef Council Yeti Cooler, filled with a variety of beef such as steaks, brisket, and chops, which the winning racer received at the end of the event. The team's main job was to create exclusive menus that showcased the beef's value, flavor, and nutritional elements. They provided services to high-profile drivers, the Air Force Thunderbird Flight Team, and media outlets such as Fox News, Fox Sports, and ESPN to meet this goal.

"We will also be producing a private team dinner for the Airforce's Thunderbirds as they will be doing the Flyover on the Sunday Daytona 500 Race," Schneider said. "This is the biggest honor for the team and me."

Schneider hopes his participation in events like the Daytona 500 translates into more opportunities for students and the Restaurant, Hotel & Institutional Management (RHIM) program. He is proud of his ability to execute this level of culinary service and plans to continue sharing his knowledge with students. Schneider utilizes his experience and knowledge to lead in-depth class discussions, specifically in RHIM 3412, Food and Beverage Operation.

"We discuss several key components that directly correlate to subject matter and topics needed to organize and manage directly and indirectly to the field they are preparing for in the RHIM program," Schneider said.

Students in the RHIM program are encouraged to receive hands-on learning to gain applicable skills and knowledge. Students can work on-campus at Skyviews Restaurant of Texas Tech and gain knowledge from professors in state-of-the-art kitchens and labs. Schneider's experience prior to and from the Daytona 500 is an excellent example of what prospective or current students can accomplish with a Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional degree.