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Texas Tech to Open Charles Schwab Foundation Personal Financial Planning Clinic Spring 2023

Matilda Beckanovic

November 29, 2022

pfp clinic

The School of Financial Planning will open its new financial planning clinic to the Lubbock area as its students gain outreach experience.

The Charles Schwab Foundational Personal Financial Planning Clinic is officially ready to open in the spring of 2023. The clinic will host the School of the Financial Planning's outreach and engagement programs through services available to the Lubbock and Texas Tech community. Activities will include financial coaching sessions, research, experiential learning for students, and more.

“The College of Human Sciences strives to impact our communities positively,” said Tim Dodd, dean  of the College of Human Sciences. “We can use the expertise of our faculty and students to provide the latest approaches to solving problems faced by individuals and families. As they positively make an impact, there are also opportunities for faculty research and for students to gain hands-on, real-life experiences. This translates to faculty being leaders in their disciplines and students having an immediate impact upon graduation.”

The Charles Schwab Foundation Personal Financial Planning Clinic is an off-campus facility that is focused on experiential learning. The clinic will offer a variety of programs, including involvement from the student organization Knowledge Empowering You (KEY). In the clinic, these students conduct one-on-one financial coaching sessions, future research, and incorporates learned experiences into PFP courses, such as client communication and counseling. 

“Students are the future of the registered investment advisor (RIA) industry, and that future relies partly on helping them explore careers in financial services and the RIA industry,” said Bernie Clark, head of Schwab advisor services. “That is why we are honored to join Texas Tech University in not only helping build a community of learning, but also shaping the future of next-generation talent in this space.”

One goal of the clinic is to empower Lubbock community members to make financial decisions that align with their personal goals. The clinic provides state-of-the-art resources to serve individuals in the local area and to train students. KEY students are equipped to develop relationships and give professional advice to individuals seeking financial guidance.

“Students must apply to be a member of Knowledge Empowering You (KEY) student organization,” said Ashley Guillemette, director of the Center for Financial Responsibility. “After completing one semester providing financial education presentations in group settings then they are eligible to serve as a coach. All coaches undergo specific training on communication, sensitivity training, etc. We are new! We will open in Febuary 2023 and are open to the public.”