Texas Tech University

Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy Student Credits Undergraduate Degree for Preparedness in Current Graduate Program

Samantha Salazar

November 27, 2023

Abigail Nixon

Abigail Nixon uses knowledge she learned from the Counseling and Addiction Recovery Sciences undergraduate program in her current graduate degree courses

Abigail Nixon earned her bachelor's degree in Counseling and Addiction Recovery Sciences (CARS) from Texas Tech University College of Human Sciences in May 2023. Since graduation, Abigail has started working on her master's degree in Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy (CMFT). After earning her degree, she hopes to continue her education at TTU and pursue a doctorate in Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies (ADRS). 

Nixon chose the CARS program during her undergraduate years because of the curriculum and direct correlation and pathway that would make it more attainable to join the CMFT program in graduate school. Her interests have always included the systemic approach to studying human interaction and communication. Her educational background and interests have allowed her to feel prepared during her current graduate studies. 

"The CARS program taught me everything I would need to know in order to prepare for a graduate degree in a similar field of study," Nixon said. "I feel like I have a leg up in some areas compared to others. I don't think I would have been as prepared for where I am now professionally if I were to have attended school elsewhere or pursued a different program." 

Nixon said she strongly recommends the undergraduate CARS program for anyone interested in therapy, social work, counseling, or similar fields. The Counseling and Addiction Recovery Sciences program is filled with exciting and up-to-date content taught by instructors genuinely interested in their students' overall well-being. Before moving on to her doctorate, Nixon is excited to apply her education to the real world by becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist.