Texas Tech University

Hospitality and Retail Management Student Receives Internship with Stephen Joseph Gifts

Samantha Salazar

September 19, 2023

Ana Ramirez

International student, Ana Ramirez, receives marketing and e-commerce internship opportunity to gain industry experience.

Ana Ramirez is an international undergraduate student receiving her bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Retail Management (HRM). She recently accepted an internship with Stephen Joseph Gifts, which satisfies her course requirements for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Alexandra Buckley, a 3rd-grade school teacher in Lubbock, Texas, started Stephen Joseph Inc. The business started with fabric frames for sororities and colleagues but has grown into a multi-faceted company that offers products from kid's rain gear, backpacks, and toys to home décor, furniture, and custom apparel. It also serves as a parent company for brands such as Stephen Joseph Gifts, Karma, and Julie + Joe.

Ramirez will be a marketing and e-commerce intern, furthering her website design and maintenance skills and developing marketing strategies. Her role will allow her to expand her understanding of the retail business and apply the knowledge she has acquired as an HRM student. In past experiences, Ramirez has learned about the grocery store business in Costa Rica and is excited to work with an American company for the first time to develop her knowledge of the clothing and home goods business.  

“Working with an American company is very exciting for an international student since such experience can help open many doors in the industry,” Ramirez said.

After Graduation, Ramirez hopes to work in the retail industry before starting her master's degree program. She also plans on starting her own company within the next eight years, which has been her driving force for learning about the various parts of the industry during her time as a student. During her time at Texas Tech, Ramirez said she has enjoyed learning from professors who are excited to teach and discover new ways to enhance the learning experience for students. As an international student, she also said she is grateful for the opportunity to travel abroad, which has allowed her to learn about the international retail business and her education in the U.S. market.