Texas Tech University

Hospitality and Retail Management Department Develops New Bachelor’s Degree in Event Management

Lauren Hosni

February 7, 2024

Wedding Venue

The new degree focuses on wedding planning and venue management

The combination of wedding planning, event planning, and venue management is like the mix of all the best worlds. With the new B.S. in Event Management you can have it all. Deborah Fowler, Ph.D., is one of the faculty members teaching the degree courses. In those courses, she aims to helps provide skills to succeed in growing an industry. She focuses on marketing, consumer behavior, sales, accounting, and finance along with conference planning like catering and food production.

“This new degree in event management will offer students the opportunity to learn about event management from many perspectives – from planner, vendor and customer,” Fowler said. “The well-rounded degree will prepare professionals who will be able to ‘hit the ground running'.”

Some interesting courses required for this program are: RHIM 4342 (Wedding Planning and Management), RHIM 4345 (Meeting and Convention Management), RHIM 3363 (Managing Catered Events), RHIM 3310 (Food Truck Operations- Elective), and RHIM 4316 (Service Marketing for Hospitality and Retailing). 

Several students' favorite courses include wedding planning and conference planning. Both courses allow students to plan large events/wedding while following industry guidelines. It typically takes students 4 years to finish the program. 

Students will learn a blend of information and skills in both hospitality and retail industries. They can get hands on experience as assistants at a number of event of events in the department like the HRM Symposium and guest lectures in classes. 

Students get to network with local businesses and national businesses. There are research opportunities available like visiting venues and hearing professionals' experiences. Various career paths after graduation may look like a marketing communications manager, a promoter, fundraising manager, campaign coordinator, social media manager and so much more.

For more information you can go to B.S. in Event Management.