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Madison McWilliams


Making A Difference Through Music

TTU K-12 student, Madison McWilliams, is quickly rising through the world of pop music.

by Lucy Worley

September 25, 2017

Most kids were playing the recorder in elementary school – Madison McWilliams was taking Italian Opera lessons.

“I have been singing as long as I can remember. I started out training in Italian Opera and after that went into Musical Theatre. When I was eleven years old, I trained on Broadway with the Broadway Artist Alliance Program,” said Madison.

While she enjoyed her time growing as a performer through this experience, something was missing.

“Training on Broadway caused me to realize that I wanted to write my own lyrics and pursue a career in pop music,” said Madison. “I wanted to be personally involved in the music I was singing – I wanted to be a part of my music.”

Madison went out and made that happen. While only a sophomore in high school, Madison has released an EP, performed at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival and even released a music video for her single Melodramatic on MTVU.

Besides singing, Madison has decided to venture out into the professional world of acting as well.

“I was recently signed to acting manager Randy James who manages stars such as Hilary Swank, Jennie Garth and Vanessa Hudgens,” Madison said. “I am excited to see where that takes me.”

As Madison's schedule got busier and more time demanding, Madison and her parents decided that enrolling in an online high school would be a good fit for her.

“We looked at a few other online schools, but TTU K-12 stood out because of its infrastructure and the great staff attached to it,” Madison said. “The courses are very advanced and the attention to detail is great. I have had a wonderful time being a part of it.”

TTU K-12 exists for Madison and other students like her that need something different than the standard brick and mortar experience.

“Deciding to enroll in an online high school has already impacted my life. It's given me freedom and flexibility. I can pursue my education and do well in school while having a career and doing what I love.”

With a schedule that takes her from Los Angeles to New York and back to Austin regularly, Madison does a lot of her schoolwork on planes and between recording sessions.

With all that she juggles, Madison still sees her music as more than just a way to have fun. As a Make-A-Wish Ambassador, Madison hopes to make a mark through her compassion - not just being a good entertainer.

“I want to make people happy. I want to relate to them and talk about things I am feeling in my own life, through my music. It's a way to basically say ‘everything is going to be okay'”.