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TTU K-12 was Educational Solution for Student's Military-Family Challenges

By Leslie Cranford, Media Relations Coordinator

July 20, 2018

What's a teenager to do about schooling when his parents are military and move all over the world? For Connor Bright, the answer came via TTU K-12's flexible online high school curriculum.

Connor was born in Abilene, Texas, a short 2.5-hour drive from Lubbock and Texas Tech University. Some of his earliest memories are of the TTU campus with his parents. They had taken a break to start a family, then went back to Texas Tech to finish their degrees.

Aside from Texas, Connor's list of residences includes Virginia, Colorado and Germany, with trips to Ireland and Japan.

“I was in the TTU K-12 program starting in about 8th grade,” Connor said. “We were in Harker Heights, Texas, near Fort Hood, preparing for another move, our first one out of state. We tried traditional homeschooling the year before, but with high school-level work on the horizon, pre-planned and accredited coursework was the right choice for me.”

Connor completed his high school credits and graduated from TTU K-12 in the fall of 2017. Since then he's been preparing for college and doing volunteer work, which he says has definitely helped him earn scholarships.

“The TTU K-12 schedule flexibility was very nice. It allowed everything from quick museum field trips to moving and living in a new location every one to three years. There was a lot of extra maneuvering time to get the courses completed.”

“I think the most challenging thing is either the self-enforced studying or the fact there's no easy ‘freebie' grades. Public school had a lot of filler work that didn't seem to teach much and certainly didn't give the ‘mission accomplished' feeling I got turning assignments in online and on time.”

Connor says he would definitely recommend TTU K-12 to people considering homeschooling. “Other than the reasons I've already talked about, the teachers and other staff were very polite and knowledgeable.”

Connor has been in Germany, preparing to go into engineering at Texas A&M.

“My endgame career goal is nanotechnology, so I have a long and math-filled road ahead of me!”

With his Texas high school diploma earned and self-discipline learned from TTU K-12, Connor is more than prepared for that road ahead.