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TTU K-12 Employee Helps Keep Test Prep Simple

By Joshua Blount, Senior Editor

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Pam Butler

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Pam Butler

It's no secret that preparing for a test can sometimes seem intimidating or even outright stressful, but TTU K-12 staff go the extra mile to assist parents and help keep students focused before test day.

Meet Pam Butler, the district testing coordinator for TTU K-12. Among other important duties, Pam is responsible for checking/reconciling student records, securing a test site and registering students for STAAR testing. Without the services she provides, much more responsibility would fall back on parents and students when attempting to register for required testing.

Pam was inspired to become an educator by both her love for science and excellent teachers over the years and thus started out teaching 7th grade science. As a high school teacher she taught biology, physics, environmental science and integrated physics and chemistry (IPC). She was a classroom teacher for 13 years before joining TTU K-12.

"I was so surprised to hear that Texas Tech University had a high school diploma program, as well as an elementary and middle school, that used TEA-accredited and NCAA-approved curriculum," Pam stated. "I knew several teachers who were instructors for TTU K-12, and I loved the idea of working with students and parents who were choosing to pursue a non-traditional educational path for their K-12 school years."

Pam believes that the most satisfying part of her job is helping parents and students meet the necessary requirements for testing and making the process as simple and smooth as possible. She understands that it is a stressful time for everyone, so she strives to always have everything prepared and ready ahead of test day.

Pam's advice for students is to devote as much time and effort towards education as possible because education opens doors for the future.

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