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Coordinator Challenges Students to Take the Next Step

By Joshua Blount, Senior Writer

A headshot of Veronica Stringer.

Veronica Stringer

A headshot of Veronica Stringer.

Veronica Stringer

While students' academic success is largely measured by their performance in their classes, TTU K-12 believes that students can be successful outside of their classrooms as well. Students involved in organizations can explore their interests, as well as contribute to their communities while continuing to earn their education. Veronica Stringer plays a vital role in managing these organizations and is deeply invested in the students' experience.

Veronica is the Academic Administrative Support Coordinator for TTU K-12. Veronica's role is very involved and requires her to help facilitate numerous groups. She helps with overseeing and maintaining student organizations, graduation planning, hiring great teachers and keeping those teachers up to date on trainings.

She began working for TTU K-12 in 2017 after concluding her time in China. While overseas Veronica, unexpectedly, got her start in education.

"I fell into teaching accidently," she said. "While living overseas I was asked to teach Conversational English at Guizhou Normal University Tongren College. I had no idea how much I would enjoy the classroom, the students, and being solely responsible for their increased proficiency. The improvement in their spoken English during that time was astonishing. It was so rewarding to be a part of their learning!"

The bulk of her teaching experience was teaching English to Chinese university students in China, teaching Chinese to American high school students in America and teaching art.

Veronica is passionate about both the students and student organizations at TTU K-12.

"I love the student organizations. National Honor Society was the first organization that we launched. It has been a pleasure getting to know and getting to work with those high school students. We have recently registered an NJHS and a Student Council and I am excited to get those going as well!"

Veronica offers advice for students navigating their way through their education. "There is so much out there to learn and explore. Do not be afraid to take the next step!"

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