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Texas Tech High School Math Instructor Teaches Students So Much More

Brooke Bicknell

By Leslie Cranford, Section Manager

Brooke Bicknell

Brooke Bicknell grew up as the daughter of a lifelong educator, and she honestly does not remember ever wanting to do anything else.

“One of the things my dad always said that I carried with me into my career as an educator was, ‘Love kids and work them hard.' We have the chance to do this every day, and we help students believe bigger things than they could imagine for themselves on their own,” Bicknell said.

Bicknell is a full-time secondary math teacher with a mix of high school students and adult learners. Her courses include Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Math Models and Pre‑Calculus.

“I had the privilege of teaching high school math and coaching high school basketball and track for 12 years in a traditional public school setting,” Bicknell said. “I stepped away for nine years when my husband and I became foster parents, but I would not trade that time away with both of our adopted daughters for anything else.”

Bicknell and her family.

Coming back to teaching was probably inevitable but landing in TTU K-12's online environment was attractive to Bicknell.

Bicknell and her family.

“I have had another home-based business for the past two years, and I love the flexibility it provides for me and my family,” she explained. “When I was presented with the opportunity to add the online teaching role to this, I knew it was a perfect fit. It allows me to work from home or from wherever we are, and we love to travel as a family.”

For Bicknell, who is always operating from her dad's educational mantra, loving the kids means working closely with students and celebrating their success along the way.

“It is a privilege to walk alongside students as they grow in their confidence and knowledge,” she said.

As an educator, she also encourages her students with words of advice.

“You are so much more capable than you give yourself credit for,” Bicknell reminds them. “You are made to do incredible things, and so much of that starts with belief in yourself. Link arms with your teachers and your support system and lean into the demanding work. It will be worth it!”

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