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TTU K-12 Testing Coordinator Strives to Simplify Process

Coryann Miller

Coryann Miller, district testing coordinator

By Leslie Cranford, Section Manager

Coryann Miller

Coryann Miller, district testing coordinator

When Coryann Miller was growing up, her mom was an elementary school teacher. Miller describes her mom as dedicated, passionate and always willing to go the extra mile for her students and colleagues inside and outside of the classroom. That didn't always sit well with the young Coryann.

“I envied her students, and I often thought her students and their parents got the best of my mom, not me,” Miller said. “I spent many days watching my mom in her classroom being the hardworking, patient teacher that was admired by so many for going above and beyond what any would expect of a teacher. She was a great listener and always gave the best advice.

“But the reciprocated love between my mom and her students sparked something in me. Seeing my mother exude this passion influenced me and motivated me to become an educator.”

Miller is starting her second year as the district testing coordinator for TTU K-12, which involves coordinating state testing for every student in grades three through 12. Previously she taught elementary school in Amarillo for 10 years in grades ranging from first through fifth. She was also a school counselor and campus testing coordinator for 15 years in Amarillo and Canyon school districts.

“This year I coordinated state testing for all TTU K-12 students in grades three through 12. I also organize data and train proctors all over the world, and I was able to set up 12 testing sites across the state to help administer the STAAR/EOC test to our students,” Miller said.

Miller is thrilled to be working for Texas Tech University, as she is a product of two alumni.

Coryann with her mom, who inspired her to go into education.

Coryann with her mom, who inspired her to go into education.

“I was born a Red Raider! My parents met on a blind date while going to school at Texas Tech,” she said, beaming. “I have been a school counselor and testing coordinator for the last 15 years and being able to work from home in Canyon and spend some time in my office on campus, it is a perfect fit.”

Miller shared the most satisfying part of her job is when students reach out to her to share their successes. She has built relationships with families as far away as Australia, British Columbia and Thailand.

From her testing coordinator perspective, Miller has a hefty goal for the work she is doing for TTU K-12 students.

“State testing is cumbersome. My vision and hope for the future for state testing at TTU K-12 is to deliver a stress-free testing program to families,” she said.

In her lengthy career as an educator, Miller has advice she has always given to not only her students but also to her own children as well.

“Spend time with those who have the same, or similar, values and goals as you,” she advises. “We are influenced greatly by the people we surround ourselves with. Choose to surround yourself with people who will inspire you to become a better person and student. Who you surround yourself with determines your future.”

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