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A headshot of Scott Lucas

Scott Lucas, M.Ed.

A headshot of Scott Lucas

Scott Lucas, M.Ed.

Greetings, TTU K-12 family and friends,

Fall is upon us, bringing football, hopefully cooler temperatures, and the first semester of a new school year.

As we begin the 2023-2024 academic year, TTU K-12 celebrates our 30-year milestone, having been approved by the Texas Legislature in 1993 as a Special Purpose District designed to help students whose educational needs were not adequately being met by traditional schools. In 1994, the first graduating class from then-TTUISD consisted of only two students. Now, we have a total enrollment of around 1,400 full-time students among high school, middle school and elementary school. TTU K-12 has graduated nearly 5,500 students in our 30 years and has helped educate upwards of 500,000 students in more than 70 countries.

With nearly three decades of experience in distance education, we were well-prepared in 2020 when the pandemic forced everyone to discover online learning. We were the leaders in distance education then and we will be into the future. Every day we are examining ways to improve and offer more and better ways to educate a variety of student populations.

Recently I promoted Braxton Allison from Associate Principal to Principal of Instruction where he will help guide the ongoing collaboration between our instructors and instructional designers to shape and adapt current and future courses. Principal Cari Moye will continue her focus on developing academic supports for students: resources like our new mental health initiative, personalized tutoring options and various resources for parents. I am excited to have two strong principals who are working together to ensure the best online learning experience for our students.

Another improvement students and families will see almost immediately is our new Blackboard progress reports system. Students can see a general overview of their progress in their Focus portal. It will update nightly, but for more detailed information, they need to click into their course and view the gradebook and detailed assignments. This new functionality allows students and parents to see a quick general overview of how the student is progressing in coursework.

Here's to a terrific semester.

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Scott Lucas, M.Ed.
TTU K‑12 Superintendent

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